dalegehman_275The MAB is sad to announce the passing of our longtime Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program inspector R. Dale Gehman.  Dale passed away November 22.  He was 59.

His family writes that after being diagnosed with cancer in 2007, he was blessed with a lot of good years since. Dale was most recently in Michigan in early October, conducting ABIP inspections on behalf of the MAB.  Dale apparently became ill again not long after and never recovered.

In addition to serving Michigan broadcasters, Dale conducted ABIP inspections in Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Arizona and a number of other states.

Dale’s broadcast career started in 1970 during the glory days of live radio, spinning 45’s, pulling records for 30 minutes prior to going on air, making mandatory program logs entries, babysitting FM automation systems with freaky carousels, large auto reverse scully tape decks and carts machines galore.   He obtained the FCC 1st Class License with Radar Endorsement at age 16, later converting to a lifetime FCC General License.

During his extensive broadcast career, Dale has gone where few engineers have been with extensive experience in station ownership, management, sales and marketing, programming and even traffic and billing systems. He has served on the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s Board of Directors and on the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters’ Board of Directors.

Dale is survived by his wife of 34 years, Darlene; a son Mathew and daughters Sarah and Abigail, as well as three grandchildren.