Bonney Bowman

Bonney Bowman has joined the staff at Nexstar’s WLNS-TV (Lansing) as a new morning news anchor.  Bowman joins the station from KTVA-TV in Anchorage, Alaska.  And rather than fly to Lansing, she elected to make the 3,800-mile journey by car.

Bowman explained to  that it was cheaper to get her car to Lansing if she drove and she has some companions for the trip, including her mother.

“I have two dogs and two cats,” Bowman said. “And we flew them up to Alaska when I moved four years ago. It was extremely challenging and expensive, so we thought this time, let’s just drive.”

WLNS tracked Bowman’s 8-day trip with updates on the air and web.  In addition, Bowman provided her own updates, including video on her Facebook page.

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