Shadrach Strehle

Great Lakes News (GLN), a syndicated news service with 45 radio affiliates in Michigan, is expanding its coverage of political news from the State Capitol in Lansing.

Great Lakes News was launched in 2015 with a handful of stations taking the service and has been growing steadily ever since. The demand for timely coverage of lawmakers in Lansing led GLN to hire Shadrach Strehle as it’s new Senior Capitol Reporter.

GLN is also launching a new online platform By moving online, GLN hopes to bring their dedication to fairness and accuracy to the world of print and social media journalism. Strehle will be instrumental in this effort and will be intimately involved in the day to day operations. GLN has also opened a bureau in downtown Lansing to better serve the needs of its customers.

“Great Lakes News is now an established, credible statewide news source, so creating a new full-time Capitol news reporter was an important next step,” said GLN President Ivey Gruber. “News outlets anywhere in Michigan will benefit from Great Lakes News full-time commitment to political and business news coming out of Lansing.”

Strehle, a graduate of Hillsdale College, will work in Lansing as a Senior Capitol Reporter and oversee the day to day operations.

“I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to help build something here at Great Lakes News,” Strehle said. “I have a passion for local government. People should know as much as possible about the figures and events that shape their daily lives. I can’t wait to tell interesting and important stories about Michigan and its leaders.”

“Shadrach came with a terrific background,” Gruber said. “We look forward to him becoming a clear and credible voice for information you can trust all across Michigan.”

You can learn more and read some of Strehle’s work at