TeensTabletWhether you, or your news staff are new to the business or seasoned journalists, you have to admit, things have changed!

News is now a 24 hour, 365 instant in my hand business, engaging all of your audiences’ senses. Print, Television, Radio, Magazines, Social, Digital, and Bloggers all have one thing in common…CONTENT!

Join your friends and colleagues for the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference (GLBC), now with a new focus on multi-media and journalism in the mobile age.

The GLBC main day is Tuesday, May 3 in Lansing and includes these session and MORE!

Valerie-Geller_200Valerie Geller Presents: Get, Keep and BUILD Your Audience!
Content is king and those who create your content are what set you apart from every other “screen” or speaker you compete with. Everyone can improve and move to the next level of performance to create powerful content for news & personality TV & Radio, and work more effectively across ALL platforms!

Becoming a Powerful Storyteller
Presented by Valerie Geller

Whether you’re writing news, producing, an on air personality, or writing copy for promotion, sales or public service it all starts with good writing and powerful storytelling – in this session you’ll learn proven techniques in use by top broadcasters throughout the world.

AlTompkins_200Turn the Story Fast: How to Find Focus, Gather Quickly, Make Deadline
Presented by Al Tompkins, Poynter Institute

The key to great deadline storytelling is finding laser sharp focus. Al Tomkins show you show you how to:
-decide what goes where in your story
-find the soundbites that make your story memorable
-make any story more interesting by attaching your story to one of eight motivators
-change the shape of the story to turn multiple versions of the piece for different shows

The Art of Interviewing for Video
Presented by Steve Julin
Interviewing is the foundation of great storytelling, and the stories you tell are only as good as the information you get. In this workshop you’ll learn the top tips to use when conducting an on-camera interview but most importantly how to get the sound bites and quotes you need in the edit suite.

Find out more and register at: bit.ly/GLBConference

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