The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) has released its list of finalists for the 2019 NETA Awards. Each year, the NETA Awards honor public television’s best work in education, community engagement, marketing/communications and content.

Four Michigan public television stations are up for a total of seven awards.

“We are excited to kick off the NETA Conference and CPB Public Media Thought Leader Forum again this year by honoring the best in public media.” said NETA president Eric Hyyppa. He continued, “The NETA Awards categories have all been updated and have expanded to now include four new awards for Overall Excellence. We hope everyone will join us at the Awards Gala as we celebrate the best of the best.”

Stations competed within their appropriate divisions based on their station size, except for the categories falling under overall excellence. Awards were judged by a group of expert panelists within the public media system, as well as industry professionals outside of public media. This year Kentucky Educational Television and Nebraska Educational Telecommunications have five finalists each while PBS39 leads the list with six finalists.

Here are the 2019 NETA Awards finalists:

Community Engagement – Community Initiative
The Alabama Wall of Faces (Alabama Public Television)
Considering Matthew Shepard (KLRU Austin PBS)
From Ready by 5 to Leaps & Bounds (WGVU Public Media)
Battling Opioids (PBS39)
Kids in Crisis: You’re Not Alone (Milwaukee PBS)
Opioids in Our Community (Rhode Island PBS)

Community Engagement – Local Project
Kids in Crisis: You’re Not Alone (Milwaukee PBS)
DPTV Neighborhood Model (Detroit Public Television)
Book Club in a Box (KUED)
WKAR Sensory-Friendly Events with “Julia” (WKAR)
VIA’s PBS KIDS in the Classroom (WVIA)

Community Engagement – National Project
WUCF’s Summer of Space (WUCF)
The Great American Read (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
KLRU’s American Graduate 3 – Getting to Work (KLRU Austin PBS)
Turning Out: The Youth Vote in America (WETA)
Molly of Denali Launch Community Events (Alaska Public Media)

Content – Arts & Entertainment
Living Here – Alison Reynolds (KRWG)
Hip Hop U: The First Wave Scholars (Wisconsin Public Television)
State of the Art (Arkansas Educational Television Network)
Lost River Sessions (WKU PBS)

Content – Cultural Documentary
Me, Dorothy…and This Road to Oz (KCPT)
Dialogue in Metal (WXXI)
The Story of Musikfest (PBS39)
Summer Sand and Shag (WTVI PBS Charlotte)

Content – Education/Schools
You Are Not Alone (6-part series) (Kentucky Educational Television)
Curious Crew – Episode 502 Wedges (WKAR)
Made Possible: The Business of Junior Achievement (Connecticut Public Television)
Wicked Awesome Stuff: eSports (KMOS)
How One Small School District Embraces a Challenge for Computer Science Education (KRWG)

Content – Historical Documentary
Eva: A-7063 (WFYI)
Injustice at Home: Looking Like the Enemy (KSPS)
Catholics in the Crescent City (WLAE-TV)
Idaho Experience: Pioneers of the Air (Idaho Public Television)

Content – New Media
Veterans Coming Home (Arkansas Educational Network)
Science Trek 360 (Degrees): Honey: From Bee to the Jar (Idaho Public Television)
Native Americans (WCMU)
Community Connection – Dharmahorse Equine Sanctuary (KRWG)

Content – News & Public Affairs
The Red Tent (WEDU)
Living St. Louis: American Graduate Special (Nine Network of Public Media)
Rise Above (Mountain Lake PBS)
Stop the Violence (PBS39)

Content – Topical Documentary
Nebraska: The Chocolate Life (NET Nebraska)
Battle Over Bears Ears (KUED)
In Money We Trust? (Maryland Public Television)
Glaciers of the Winds (Wyoming PBS)
Farm to Fork Wyoming – Beef to Butcher (Wyoming PBS)
Life on a Freighter (WPBS-TV)

Education – Celebrating Teaching & Learning
Preschool Matters! (Detroit Public Television)
Recognizing Young Writers (WHRO)
2019 PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs Academy (WETA)
Teaching with Tech Western (Reserve Public Media)
Teaching for Excellence (WYES)

Education – Educational Resources for the Classroom
Injustice at Home: The Japanese-American Experience of the World War II Era (KSPS Public Television)
Science Trek (Idaho Public Television)
News Quiz (Kentucky Educational Television)
Iowa Land and Sky (Iowa Public Television)
On the Table – Food, Water and Agricultural Education (NET Nebraska)
Paws for a Minute (Rhode Island PBS)

Education – Educational Resources for the Community
Tre Maison Dasan (Rhode Island PBS)
Commonwealth Cascades (WHRO)
Buried Truth: The Lesson Plans (Public Broadcasting Atlanta – WPBA)
Workplace Essential Skills Transportation/Logistics (Kentucky Educational Television)

Education – Live Virtual Learning Events
Mission Control: Human Spaceflight (Alabama Public Television)
Reconstruction Virtual Classroom with Dr. Henry Louis Gates (SCETV)
Reconstruction 360 (SCETV)
Live Exploration: Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
50th Anniversary of the Tinker Decision (Iowa Public Television)
The Mighty Mississippi: Electronic Field Trip (WYES)
Prairie Public Weekly Webchats (Prairie Public Broadcasting)

Education – Teacher Professional Learning
KET Multimedia Professional Development Day (Kentucky Educational Television)
Native American Classroom Resources (KUED)
Media Integration and Creation Workshop (Prairie Public Broadcasting)
Pre-School-U Train the Trainer (Detroit Public Television)

Independent Production
State of the Art (Craig and Brent Renaud)
The Governor’s Mansion (Isaac Goeckeritz)
Twice as Good (Lee Manor)

Marketing/Communications – Integrated Media Campaign
American Spring LIVE (NET Nebraska)

Election Night (PBS39)
Meet the Helpers (WUCF)
This is Utah Season 1 (KUED)

Marketing/Communications – Promotion
A Mom’s Story (CET)
NET Nebraska Video (NET Nebraska)
Red Billboards (PBS39)

Marketing/Communications – Special Event
Election Billboards (PBS39)
On the Road with NET (NET Nebraska)
Main Street Live (Basin PBS)
Quilt Expo (Wisconsin Public Television)

Excellence in Community Engagement
Minnesota Remembers Vietnam (TPT – Twin Cities PBS)
WNET Community Engagement (WNET)
Nine Network Overall Excellence (Nine Network of Public Media)
WUCF Community Engagement (WUCF)

Excellence in Content
Milwaukee PBS (Milwaukee PBS)
Idaho Public Television (Idaho Public Television)
Nashville Public Television – Rooted in the Community (Nashville Public Television)
KET Excellence in Content (Kentucky Educational Television)

Excellence in Education
Detroit PBS KIDS (Detroit Public Television)
GPB Education (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
Vegas PBS Special Needs Resource Library (Vegas PBS)

Excellence in Marketing/Communication
GPB Radio/GPB Atlanta 88.5 FM (Georgia Public Broadcasting)
Idaho Public Television (Idaho Public Television)
Kansas City PBS Marketing & Communications (KCPT)
Team NET – Marketing & Communications (NET Nebraska)

The NETA Awards Reception and Gala will take place on Sunday, January 26 at 7:30 PM at the 2020 NETA Conference and CPB Thought Leader Forum at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.

Register to attend the 2020 NETA Conference and CPB Thought Leader Forum, January 26-29 in Arlington, VA.

The NETA Awards are an annual recognition of public broadcasting’s finest work, a tradition established in the 1960’s. The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) is a professional association representing 275 member stations in 46 states, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. NETA provides leadership, general audience content, educational services, professional development and trusted financial management services, including human resources and benefits administration, to individual public media licensees, their affinity groups and public media as a whole.

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