At least one Michigan broadcaster has reported some difficulties uploading some files to the FCC’s online public file system.  One MAB member station shared a screen shot of the issue, where PDF files are tagged with an “error” notice.

The broadcaster, who contacted the FCC’s help desk, said that he was told the FCC was aware of an “ongoing” issue and had no time estimate on the fix.  In a follow-up conversation, the FCC said they will, if stations want, provide a courtesy call back to the station when the system is fixed.

MAB Washington Counsel David Oxenford has confirmed that it does appear that the site is running real slow at times, and getting hung up on certain uploads. He suggests trying a different browser (Internet Explorer, if, for example, difficulties are experienced when using Chrome, or visa-versa), but, if that does not help, try uploads at odd hours instead of in the middle of the work day.

All radio stations outside the Top 50 markets have until March 1, 2018 to complete their uploads to the online public inspection file site.  Television stations and those radio stations in the Top 50 markets are already on the online system.

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