On October 17, the FCC, at the last minute, extended the deadline for those who wish to register their C-Band satellite receive dishes.  Tom Taylor, in his daily news mailing, writes: “the Commission acknowledges ‘intermittent difficulties.’ It says ‘due to the large influx of earth-station applications filed near the deadline, the IBFS [International Bureau Filing System] has experienced intermittent difficulties that have prevented some applicants from filing for a license or registration.” The new deadline – this is its second extension – will be October 31.

Taylor also notes: “The urgency here is that syndicators and other suppliers who send content to affiliates via satellites using the 3.7 GHz to 4.2 GHz spectrum worry that sharing it with wireless carriers will mess up reception. Once that happens, there’s no fixing it. Syndicators (and stations) hope that demonstrating the large number of current users will make the FCC cautious about changes. See the “Two week extension” notice  here.”

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