JohnLund_200By: John C. Lund
The Lund Consultants, Inc.

Programmers and talents often discuss what makes a perfect break. We think it’s the proper mix of branding, engagement, and commitment – measured on the audience’s terms.

Branding is essential to get ratings credit, even with PPM. Learn from the masters like Coke and Starbucks, where being top-of-mind is everything. Sell your brand and tattoo your station on the listener’s mind. Be consistent with how your brand is sold.

Engagement covers many areas. It’s content that listeners want, and it’s the companionship that makes a station essential to each user. For content, begin with the essentials (morning time checks, song information, weather, and listener’s plans) and add the other items that register with your audience. This is where content gets tricky. Aim for your target and not what your talent thinks is interesting. Get to the point and pay off quickly. Your time to engage or lose interest is measured in scant seconds. Don’t waste it with silly filler or meaningless inside talk. Engage quickly (3-seconds!) with a “hook” that builds continued listening.

Commitment includes teases of more reasons to listen, returning for another tune-in, and building partisanship. This is where you “buy” your next tune-in for improved ratings. Is your station a utility for that listener or a daily “requirement?” Building commitment is the key to growing your audience from within. Think about listener benefits here.

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