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As broadcasters, we tend to view our content as fleeting. We do one on-air break and move on to the next, never looking back. But the internet allows us to get more life out of our content long after it’s published – or aired. Shinedown may be performing in your town tonight, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t still want to hear your morning show’s interview with the band six months from now. By making this content available on the web, you can get even more value out of it after it first airs.

synchronize-150123_640-200x193But, your efforts shouldn’t end when you air the content and/or publish it on your station’s site; continue to promote it as well. By resharing your older content on social media, you can increase the number of people who come to your website.

We recently relaunched the Jacobs Media Strategies website. On the new site, which was built in WordPress, we included a plugin that recycles older content. This plugin randomly selects blogposts from the last six months and automatically reshares them on social media. As a result, we’ve seen a lift in our website traffic.

Generally, these older posts will see a small number of clicks every time they are reshared. But, over the course of a week, these add up to a significant amount of traffic. Over a month, and you can definitely see solid increases.

And, every once and a while, an older post will go viral. Last week, we reshared our Radio’s Most Innovative profile of KZEW’s “Zoo World.” When it was first published, the post attracted a healthy amount of interest, but it garnered even more traffic the second time around. Many people who missed the post when it was first published now shared it over social media, and as a result, this was one of our top blogposts of the week – despite the fact it’s several months old.

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It’s helpful to divide your blogposts into two categories: evergreen content and topical content. People will still be interested in hearing your Little Steven interview years from now, while the preview of the 2016 Arts and Wine Festival will not be valuable once the event is over. While most of the posts in our blog have a long shelf life, we are careful not to reshare posts that wouldn’t make sense at a later date. (We don’t want our “Happy Thanksgiving!” blogpost to reappear on Facebook in July.)

To get more life out of your station’s online content, use a service like Buffer, or a WordPress plugin like Revive Old Posts or Evergreen Post Tweeter.

And, remember, it pays to recycle!

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