JohnLund_200By: John C. Lund
The Lund Consultants, Inc.

The most recent quarterly conference for Facebook revealed their version of Radio’s time spent listening: 50 minutes a day, up from 40 minutes in 2014. That’s still less than Radio’s 13+ hours a week (2015) or TV’s 36 hours a week. TV’s numbers are up a bit, while Radio’s have dropped over five hours a week since 2007.

Facebook’s gains have come despite growth at other social media platforms, and spokesperson Jessie Baker told the New York Times, “The time people spend on our site is a good measure of whether we’re delivering value to them. The better we do at providing what people most want to see, the more likely they are to return … and spend time.”

And, there is Radio’s big challenge: boosting our perceived value to listeners.

> We still have younger demos coming for music exploration, but we as a medium are not doing well at engaging them and locking them in for more time.
> We need to provide truly beneficial reasons to tune in more often each day, with real benefits and not merely features.
> Remember the big contests of yesteryear? They still work at building buy-in and boosting TSL.
> Invite the listeners back from one day to the next. Give them reasons with offerings within your programming and special show promotions.
> Use social media to drive “return” listening to Radio. Your station’s followers are there, just waiting to be engaged. Use social media for reaction and continued involvement. It can be as simple as a “Type it on Facebook and hear it on the Radio” behavior pattern.

People can get music anywhere, but the “mortar between the musical bricks” is what makes for a strong wall.

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