In the event of an emergency, Michigan’s Emergency Alert System is designed to relay a brief message on radio, television and cable to Michigan citizens. EAS works on a area, statewide and national level. EAS is used most often on an area basis for severe weather.

Michigan’s EAS plan was approved by the FCC in 1999. This plan was developed after input from Michigan broadcasters, law enforcement agencies, the National Weather Service and cable television.  Michigan’s EAS Plan is scheduled for revision in 2020, once the Federal Government releases their proposed template for such plans.

See the Michigan State EAS Plan here. (Password Required)

Michigan EAS Contacts

Karole White is the President/CEO of the MAB.  You may reach her at karolewhite (at) or via phone at 1-800-968-7622.  For after-hours emergencies, Karole may be reached at 517-388-1893.

The MAB’s Dan Kelley is the EAS administrator and works on EAS and AMBER Alert.  You may reach him via dkelley (at) or via phone at 1-800-968-7622.  For after-hours emergencies, Dan may be reached at 517-449-4651.

Gary Blievernicht is Chairman of the Michigan Emergency Alert System (EAS) and the State Emergency Communications Committee (SECC). as well as Director of Engineering at WKAR-AM-FM-TV at Michigan State University.  Gary can be reached at 517-884-4720 or via email at garyb (at)  By adding “EAS” in the subject line, email will go directly to his cell phone.

EAS Details

Area Test Schedules – Monthly area tests are coordinated and scheduled by the chairman of each EAS area. Schedules are received by the MAB office from the area chairman. If your schedule is not posted, please contact your area chairman.

FCC Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) – Through the redesigned Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS), the FCC is asking communications companies such as wireless, cable and wireline firms to voluntarily provide information about disruptions during a crisis. The agency will then share the company’s specific information only with the Homeland Security Department for situational awareness purposes. The individual company’s information will not be publicly released or shared. The MAB fully supports the efforts of the FCC’s DIRS and recommends that every Michigan broadcaster participate. Click here to register.

About EAS in Michigan – Michigan’s EAS plan is a joint effort between broadcasters, law enforcement, the National Weather Service and cable television.

EAS is managed by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters and its member stations as a voluntary community service to the citizens of Michigan. No financial support is provided by any government agency or commercial organization for the management of EAS.

Federal Communications Commission – The FCC’s EAS web page contains more information on EAS.

2021 EAS Handbook (PDF format)

FCC’s EAS Rules