Duane Alverson Retires From MacDonald Broadcasting

(L-R) Duane Alverson, MAB’s Karole White and MacDonald Broadcasting President Ken MacDonald, Jr.

A special retirement celebration took place April 18 to honor over 36 years of service and dedication to the broadcast industry for the now retired President of MacDonald Broadcasting, Duane Alverson.

Duane Alverson began his career as a seller for Muzak and then within 2 years was named GM of Muzak which is now called MacDonald Audio, a division of MacDonald Broadcasting. He soon moved to the broadcast side of the business where he eventually became President. Duane has served in the President position since the early 2000s.

Among Duane’s many accomplishments was his love and dedication to very unique events special to Saginaw. The successful WSAM raft race in the 1970s and 1980s ran for 19 years, and was the springboard for the 26 year run for the 98 KCQ Country Music Fest “FREE CONCERT” that annually drew 80,000 to 100,000 attendees to Ojibway Island. Duane was also instrumental with the volunteer efforts of the Saginaw Township Soccer Association in encouraging fellow Saginaw Broadcasters to get involved in promoting the fun night out for another FREE CONCERT event in Saginaw, known as “Party on McCarty.”

During his professional career Duane was President of the Michigan Jaycees and President of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. Karole White, CEO of the MAB reminded those in attendance for Duane’s retirement celebration of his many contributions while serving both on the Board and as President for the Michigan Radio and TV Association.

Immediately following Duane’s official retirement date of April 19, Duane and wife Debbie were headed for the airport for a 2 week getaway to Hawaii.

The MacDonald Broadcasting team will miss Duane’s steady hand and leadership. Stepping into new roles in the company are Mary Yearham, Saginaw General Manager, Barry Borsenik, Saginaw General Sales Manager, and the new President replacing Duane is Cindy Tuck.