WKTA-emu2The EMU Department of Athletics and Cumulus Media Ann Arbor have agreed to a partnership for the upcoming year that will include the broadcast of a weekly coaches show along with numerous cross-promotional activities across three of the Cumulus Ann Arbor stations. This agreement includes broadcast of a weekly coaches show and cross-promotion activities surrounding the “All E Show” for the 2016-17 athletic campaign which will have a familiar spot on the radio dial starting in August.

The agreement involves radio stations W4 County (102.9 WWWW-FM), Ann Arbor’s 107.1 (WQKL-FM) and Sports Talk 1050 (WTKA-AM).

The weekly coaches show, branded as the “All E Show,” is hosted by EMU Associate Athletic Director Greg Steiner and will air on WTKA-AM.  The first show is scheduled for August 29.

“Eastern Michigan University is an integral part of this community,” said Matt Spaulding, the Vice President/Market Manager for Cumulus Media Ann Arbor. “We believe that through this partnership we will, together, provide a platform which celebrates the student-athlete, the vibrancy of EMU’s athletic program and provide the oxygen to the heart of Eastern Michigan University Athletics.”

“We are grateful and excited that WTKA has agreed to serve as the home of the ‘All E Show’ for EMU Athletics,” said EMU Vice President/Director of Athletics Heather Lyke.

Cumulus Media Ann Arbor will be cross-promoting the show throughout the year, which will include select giveaways for fans, such as free tickets to EMU home games. Also, as part of the agreement, EMU will receive on-site broadcasts and appearances throughout the year at select home events.

WEMU-FM will continue to be the flagship station for broadcasts of football and men’s and women’s basketball games.