Clack Appointed Executive Manager of the MAB Foundation

Clack_300Alisha Clack has been appointed Executive Manager of the MAB Foundation.  Clack handled the Broadcast Excellence Awards and the Michigan Student Broadcast Awards program for the MAB Foundation as well as the Hall of Fame/Lifetime Achievement Awards.  Clack has been with the MAB since 2010, starting as a Tech Assistant for the Emergency Alert System.

Alisha received her bachelor’s of art degree from Middle Tennessee State University in 2002. Then, more recently, she received her
master’s of science degree from Central Michigan University in
administration, while working full-time with MAB and raising
three young children with her husband Steve.

In addition to her duties with the MAB Foundation, Alisha will also coordinate the EAS program with MAB Director of Technical Services/Digital Communications Manager Dan Kelley and she will manager the Michigan AMBER Alert Foundation.