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Jacobs Media: A Startling Discovery About Autonomous Cars

Bingham Farms-based Jacobs Media Strategies has just released more information from its annual Techsurvey: Predicted Driver Behavior In Driverless Cars Might Surprise You. Whether drivers like the idea or not, autonomous cars will one day become a fact of life. When Jacobs Media constructed the questionnaire for its thirteenth version of its annual web-based Techsurvey, the… read more

Jacobs Media Releases Techsurvey Results: Listening Locations Are Changing

“Navigating The Digital Landscape” In Jacobs Media’s new web study of radio listeners, a big story is how radio’s traditional listening locations – the home, the car and the workplace – are undergoing change. From content consumed to new distribution outlets, to emerging gadgetry, the traditional pattern of media usage and radio listening are changing –… read more