Category: October 2018

Blarney Stone Enters LMA with Henderson Stations

Jerry and Sheryl Coyne’s Blarney Stone Broadcasting has taken over operations of Roy Henderson’s three stations in Traverse City and debuted new formats on two of them, while relaunching the third. Henderson’s WBNZ-FM (Frankfort) has flipped from a simulcast of WLDR-FM (Traverse City) to Sports simulcasting Blarney Stone’s WGRY-FM (Roscommon) as “Up North Sports Radio.“… read more

Statewide RMT Cancelled for October 10; Stations Should Run Required Weekly Test

State EAS/SECC Chairman Gary Blievernicht has announced that the Statewide Required Monthly Test (RMT), scheduled for October 10 has been cancelled.  47 CFR 11.61(3)(ii) states, “A national test shall replace the required weekly and monthly tests for all EAS participants … in the week and month in which it occurs. Stations, however, should run a… read more

House Passes Online Voter Registration

The State House of Representatives unanimously passed legislation to allow residents with valid driver’s licenses to register to vote online. The bills, HB 5548 and HB 5549, passed 107-0 and require those who register to vote online to vote in person for the first time. The bills also direct the Secretary of State to use… read more

WKAR Partners with MET To Provide Books For Kids

via Through 12 days in September, listeners of WKAR Radio (East Lansing) combined efforts with Michigan Education Trust (MET) to provide more than 600 books to capital region children in need. The public radio station from Michigan State University recently concluded its annual fall on-air fundraising campaign encouraging listeners to support the capital region’s… read more