MAB Says Goodbye to Jacquelen Timm

Jacquelen Timm

MAB Executive Director of Programs Jacquelen Timm has accepted a position as the CEO with the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners. Her last day with the MAB will be January 10.

“Jackie has accomplished many things at the MAB and we are a better organization for her hard work,” MAB President/CEO Karole L. White said.  “The MAB Board of Directors and I are actively seeking to fill Jackie’s position.”

In the meantime, contact Marketing & Communications Manager Matt Treadwell ([email protected]) at or visit for questions regarding ongoing MAB programs.

“It has been a wonderful experience to serve Michigan’s broadcasters,” Jackie said. “I especially am grateful for all of you who have made a lasting impact in my life. Thank you.”

MAB President/CEO Karole White and the terrific MAB staff team will see that all the programs, so beautifully planned by Jackie, her staff and committees will go off as planned.

If you have any general questions you may always call President White at the MAB office or on her cell phone. You may email her at [email protected]. Interviews are on going to fill the vacant position of MAB Director of Programs.”

Reserve Your 2020 ABIP Inspection Now

Scheduling has begun for the 2020 Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP).  The MAB conducts these alternative inspections regionally from April to October.

Every broadcaster wants to be in full compliance with FCC rules, but finding out that you are not in compliance by receiving an FCC fine, can be a costly learning experience. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters’ Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is a unique partnership between the MAB and FCC under which stations that pass their inspection will receive a three-year exemption from routine FCC inspections.

SAVE Money!
Stations that have successfully completed the program are exempt from routine FCC inspections and possible fines for a three-year period.

SAVE Staff Time
Now that the public inspection file is online, it is easier than ever for the FCC to inspect it without prior notice. It is not uncommon for the FCC to spend a day or more at a station. That would involve significant time from several key staff members. MAB’s inspections are set ahead of time and by appointment. They are learning experiences, without the risk of a fine.

SAVE Worry
A station’s successful participation in the ABIP is evidence of the licensee’s positive attitude toward regulatory compliance. The inspector also provides feedback to management that station personnel are performing important duties in an adequate manner.

The inspector uses inspection criteria that have been set by the FCC and are uniformly used in the many ABIP programs administered by State Broadcast Associations throughout the U.S.

If you have questions or would like to schedule your 2020 Alternative Inspection, contact Ann Walters at 517-484-7444 or [email protected].

Is Your Station Overdue for an Inspection? Limited Spots Still Available for 2019 ABIPs

Do you think the FCC no longer does routine inspections? Guess again.

With both radio and television public files online, it makes it easier than ever for the FCC to inspect.  You need to be certain your public file contains everything it should.  A physical ABIP inspection checks technical as well as public file requirements, and more.

The MAB has a limited number of openings in left for the 2019 Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)  season. Our inspector, Mark Croom with Riverfront Communications LLC, has been doing inspections for South Dakota (as well as  five other states) since 2016 and comes to us with strong recommendations from the South Dakota Broadcasters Association.

Scheduling your station’s ABIP is like having a preventative check-up from the doctor. Once you sign-up and pay for your inspection, you will receive a letter of intent giving your station a 150-day grace period preventing the FCC from conducting a routine inspection.

Once you pass an inspection, you will receive a three-year exemption keeping the FCC inspector from performing a routine inspection at your station.  More importantly, it’s like an insurance policy. Our inspector takes great care to review your public file and make suggestions on how you may improve it.  Members have said an ABIP is like a private Public File Tutorial.

Call Ann Walters at the MAB office 1-800-968-7622 or email Ann at [email protected] to book your ABIP.  This moderately priced MAB service is one of our most popular offerings.  Call and get signed up today!!!

Do you know about Broadcast Compliance?

When you need to recruit candidates for an open position, Broadcast Compliance Services lets you determine precisely where your job postings go on a local, regional or national level. Then you can easily monitor, document and report your EEO efforts. The BCS system even helps you complete the FCC’s electronic filing form.

Broadcast Compliance Service provides you with access to thousands of contacts nationwide. These resources are updated on a regular basis by a staff dedicated to making this the most current database available for EEO purposes. Plus, you can add your existing resources to this database and know that they will be updated.

And … it’s FREE for MAB Members!

Find out more information HERE (Must have password to access).

MAB’s Jacquelen Timm Promoted to Executive Director for Programs and Member Engagement 

Jacquelen Timm

MAB Chairman Gary Baxter, and President/CEO  Karole L. White are pleased to announce Jacquelen Timm has been promoted to Executive Director for Programs and Member Engagement for the MAB and all of its entities.  She remains the lead contact for MAB and MABF Boards of Directors.

“I’m honored to accept this added responsibility as I have grown to love our MAB members and the amazing impact broadcasters have within their local communities,”  Timm said.

Timm joined the MAB staff in June 2017 and previously served as Executive Director of the Muscular Dysytrophy Association.  She also has a background in advertising and marketing. A graduate from Saginaw Valley State University, she currently resides in Bath and enjoys football, fitness, traveling and spending time with her family.

“Having a second in command protects the MAB should something unexpected happen and the President become unable to fulfill her duties.” White said of Timm’s promotion. “I feel very comfortable knowing that Jacquelen could step in at any time and keep the MAB running with the help of the dedicated staff.

“The MAB has a terrific staff.  I’m fortunate to have been able to assemble this group of talented professionals to serve our members.  It is a point of great pride for me that the MAB is one of the best run state broadcast associations in the nation.”

Speaker line-up announced for Next-Gen TV Summit

With the first group of U.S. stations now “on-air” with ATSC 3.0 and with Spectrum Repack planning well underway, local station General Managers and Engineering personnel need to know how the upcoming transition to Next-Generation ATSC 3.0 TV transmission will affect their advertising offerings and engineering plans. Broadcaster Associations throughout the Midwest are pooling resources to present this event targeted to local stations who need to get ready for the transition to Internet Protocol-enabled broadcast TV.

Location: Marriott Columbus Northwest in Columbus, Ohio. Hotel sleeping room rate = $143/night. Click here to register now!

Wednesday, June 27

3:00 p.m.
“Start at the Beginning with ATSC 3.0: An Overview of
Television’s Next Big Leap”
— Rich Chernock, Triveni Digital (Past Chair, ATSC Technology Group 3)
— Skip Pizzi, Vice President, Technology Education & Outreach,
National Association of Broadcasters

5:15 p.m.
Bus transportation begins to evening reception in Hilliard, OH (10-minute bus ride) at the Early Television Museum, sponsored by LG Electronics. Bus service back to the hotel continues until 7:30 p.m..

Thursday, June 28

8:30 a.m.

8:35 a.m.
Cleveland Test Station Update: Starting Place for ATSC 3.0 Broadcasts
— Lynn Claudy, Sr. VP of Technology, National Association of Broadcasters

“Deployment Details: An ATSC 3.0 Plan for General Managers and Engineers”
Panel Discussion
• Moderator Myra Moore, Digital Tech Consulting
• Joseph Seccia, GatesAir
• Jeff Andrew, Osborn Engineering
• Greg Martin, Rohde & Schwarz USA, Inc.
• Lisa Hobbs, Ericsson Media Solutions

“Building New Revenue with NextGen TV and SFN Deployment”
— Jerald Fritz, Executive VP, OneMedia

“Monetizing ATSC 3.0 with Personalized Advertising and Viewership Data from Next-Gen TV”
Panel Discussion
• Moderator Glen Dickson,
• Marc Hand, Public Media Venture Group
• Brad Seitter, TVB
• Jason Patton, Verance

12 p.m.

“Better Television: First Market Phoenix, Arizona”
— Ray Thurber, Vice President of Engineering, The E.W. Scripps Company

“Alert & Aware with AWARN Emergency Alerting”
— John Lawson, AWARN Alliance

“The Consumer’s Appetite for New Technology”
— Stephen Baker, NPD Group

“All Eyes on the Viewer & the Evolution of Television”
— Tim Hanlon, The Vertere Group

4:15 p.m.
Conclusions & Dismissal

Are you sure you haven’t paid too much in sales tax?

It’s tax season. Have you taken advantage of all your available sales tax refunds?  You can go back seven years for a refund if you have paid too much in sales tax.  MAB Tax Consultants maybe able to help you get a sales tax refund and save money going forward.

Any equipment that is used in the origination and integration of the broadcast signal does not require that you pay sales tax.  This includes studio lighting, studio equipment, production equipment including certain computers, electric energy, some phone lines.  The Energy Audit cost you nothing to find out if you qualify.  MAB Consultant Don Johns from EnStar only get paid out of your refund.  You get money back now and a savings going forward on certain reoccurring equipment bills.

Broadcasters qualify for the “Manufacturing Tax Exemption” and you have this in Michigan.  Call the MAB at 1-800-YOUR-MAB for a free review to see if your station’s qualifies.

MAB, EnStar Partner to Earn Energy Rebates For Broadcasters

You may be able to get a refund from your energy company if the new equipment that you plan to purchase or have purchased within a year saves energy.  Knowing that many of you will be need to purchase a new transmitter as part of the repack and the equipment  will most likely be more energy efficient than the ones that you have, MAB is filing with local energy companies to create a special category for broadcasters to receive cash back.

You already pay into this account as a surcharge on you electric energy bill, everyone does.  Electric Energy companies are required to place the money into a special account and use it to provide refunds and incentives for energy conservation. These incentives will help the energy companies to reach their declared energy reduction plans. You pay into the energy fund on you bill, so why not try to get a little back.

Call the MAB at 1-800-YOUR-MAB and we will set you up with our Energy Consultant Don Johns, EnStar Energy.  Don is an expert on all things energy and he can help you traverse the paperwork to see if you qualify. Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

MAB on the Road Hosting “Snack & Learns”

MAB at Entercom/Detroit on April 11.

T​he MAB staff has been hitting the road and visiting with stations across the state!  During the visit, MAB discusses all the services provided to members!​

Contact ​Jacquelen Timm  today to ​ schedule a Snack and Learn with the MAB!

​Upcoming Snack and Learns will be held at:
  • iHeart Media, Detroit
  • ​WOOD-TV Grand Rapids
  • WLNS & WLAJ-TV,  Lansing
  • Townsquare Media, Lansing

MAB Snack ‘N’ Learns Are Coming to YOU!

From left to right: MAB Government Affairs Director Elena Palombo, Beasley Media Group VP/Market Manager Mac Edwards, MAB President/CEO Karole L. White and MAB Director of Education and Development Jacquelen Timm.

The MAB Staff is out and about sharing about the virtues of association membership with MAB members and their employees. Several stations have already hosted the MAB in 2018 and we are now booking Snack ‘N’ Learns for the for the second week in March.

Staff members at Beasley Media Group in Detroit are ready to Snack ‘N’ Learn with the MAB.

“With the turn over at stations, we can no longer assume that all members know the many services of the MAB;  we are taking our show on the road,” said MAB President/CEO Karole L. White. “MAB staff members will come directly to your station. We set up in your board room, break room, conference room or hall and share about the many benefits of MAB membership with your employees as they come by. We answer questions and we bring snacks. The casual drop-in, meet-and-greets have been very successful so far.”

Staff members at Midwest Communications in Lansing gather to Snack ‘N’ Learn with the MAB.

“We’ve learned a lot in just the first few Snack ‘N’ Learns. It has given us an opportunity to meet with many of our general managers and staffs that we might not get to know otherwise. We discuss the issues that are important to members and have met really great people.”

White said the MAB plans to host as many as to two Snack ‘N’ Learns a day, going on the road  two or three days a week following the Great Lakes Media Show. We hope to visit every station or station group by years end.

Contact Jacquelen Timm at 1-800-YOUR-MAB to book your station’s Snack’N’ Learn.