Limited 2020 ABIP Openings Still Available

Think the FCC no longer does routine inspections? Guess again.

With both radio and television public files on-line, it makes it easier than ever for the FCC to inspect. You need to be certain your public file contains everything it should. The physical ABIP inspection checks technical as well as public file requirements.

You do not want to risk an FCC visit and possible fines when things have been so challenging for broadcasters financially during the pandemic.

The MAB has openings in our Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program, (ABIP) for the 2020 inspection season. Our inspector is scheduled for three weeks in Michigan. One week each in August, September and October. Book your inspection now, as we cannot guarantee he will return to Michigan after those weeks!

Having an ABIP inspection is like having a preventative check-up from the doctor. Once you sign-up and pay for your inspection, you will receive a letter of intent giving your station a 150-day grace period preventing the FCC from conducting a routine inspection.

Once you pass your inspection(s), you will receive a 3-year exemption keeping the FCC from performing routine inspections at your station. More importantly, it is like an insurance policy. Our inspector takes great care to review your public file and make suggestions on how you may improve it. Members have said an ABIP is like a private Public File Tutorial.

Call Ann Walters at the MAB office 1-800-968-7622 or email Ann at [email protected] to book your ABIP. This moderately priced MAB service is one of our most popular offerings. Call and get signed up today!!!

From the President: MAB Funding Shaken

By: Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO

As all of you have suffered the loss of revenue, we have lost several NCSA Partners this spring as well. It has put a significant strain on our budget. Others just postponed their messages until Fall. We have a few new NCSA Partners as a result of, but not directly related to, the virus. A number of these partner messages are very time sensitive and need to air in May and June.
We are going to try to book NCSA more lightly during your busy political broadcasting months, before the primary and general elections. We are hoping that you sell out all of your advertising availability and make your political advertising projections.
To reach our partners’ grant requirements, we need you to air as many NCSA messages as you can in May, June, July and August. The donation of air time that we request of all stations is not a regular PSA. According to the FCC, a category was created just for NCSA. The messages are like a paid PSA only they DO NOT count toward your Lowest Unit Rate The MAB receives funds to administer the program, which helps to fund the association.
We need a minimum of 60 on-air messages from each radio and television station. These messages can be scheduled ROS on every call letter you own, including digital and multicast channels. We also would appreciate inclusion of messages on your website.. This can relieve pressure on your on-air inventory. Further, we need as much bonus airtime as you can give beyond the minimum noted in our traffic order to reach the in-kind match required in the federal and state grants that we receive.
NCSA Public Education Partnership funds are more than 79% of the MAB’s operating income. It allows us to keep your dues the lowest of all states our size, while offering the highest quality advocacy, training, free legal service and cost-saving services.
Please check to make certain your station is fully participating in the NCSA Public Education Partnership program and reporting messages aired monthly. NCSA messages help the state, which helps you and the MAB. Thank you!

Still Waiting: Update on FEMA’s Free PPE Masks for Michigan Broadcasters

Many Michigan broadcasters have completed the MAB survey regarding the distribution of the anxiously anticipated FEMA cotton washable masks. At this time the MAB has not received any masks to distribute. Once they are received we will contact everyone that has completed the survey available at this link:

The NAB, who is coordinating the effort with the states informs us that they check daily with FEMA, but are receiving no information about when the masks will be sent. We have heard that broadcasters were moved down in priority behind law enforcement and other first-responders.

While we wait, if stations need to do something now, the Michigan Chamber of Commerce provided a list of vendors in Michigan providing Personal Protection Equipment for purchase.
More information is available at

If you have any questions, please contact Denise Weston, Membership & Services Director at [email protected] or 517-267-0463.

FREE Webinar: Paul Weyland Will Help You Make Your Mark in the Recovering Economy

Paul Weyland

You Can’t Sell It If You Can’t Tell It!
Making Your Mark in a Recovering Economy
Presented by media expert: Paul Weyland
Tuesday, May 12, 2020 – Noon ET

Available FREE of charge to MAB members,
this important sales training opportunity will feature tips and techniques for advanced and intermediate sellers. It’s time to pick things up as the state opens up for business again. This Paul Weyland Session on May 12 will be very popular and is open only to the first 1,000 people who register from all across the nation. So register today!

A message from Gary Moore, President of Local Broadcast Sales:

You know, and I know that a stable relationship between you and your local direct prospect could be a lifesaver right now for your client’s business. But developing a client relationship can be challenging when you can’t get an initial meeting, much less an opportunity to present and close. In this “presentations” session, Paul Wayland shows you how to come up with the best idea and then deliver the finest presentation your client has NEVER seen.

After this webinar, you’ll get essential meetings faster and close more annual local direct business than you did even before the pandemic. As always, come prepared with some product/service categories you’re pitching now, and we’ll come up with commercial ideas for them “on the spot.”

Make sure that you grab a seat and register today. To register, go to

LBS has Nearly 7 Hours of Coronavirus-related Training Content Available Free to MAB Members

There are 29 newly created Local Broadcast Sales videos available to MAB members for FREE. That’s nearly seven hours’ worth of new content specifically designed to address selling and leading during this pandemic! Titles include:

  • What’s Your COVID-19 Strategy?
  • How to Work From Home
  • COVID-19: Be the Best in Your Market (including LIVE Q&A from Broadcasters) – Parts 1-7
  • Broadcast Sellers Can Be Sales Leaders During an Unsettled Economy (including LIVE Q&A from Broadcasters) – Parts 1-11
  • The Survival Marketing Workshop (including LIVE Q&A from Broadcasters) –  Parts 1-9Learn more here:

EVERY Michigan sales manager and seller can create their own, individual LBS account FREE of charge through your station’s membership with the MAB. To create an account, fill out the simple form on the LBS home page.

FREE WEBINAR: A Broadcaster’s Guide to the Newly-Available SBA Loans

The MAB has joined with other states broadcasting associations to bring you an easy to follow presentation on how to apply for the Federal Government Payroll Relief loans and grants presented by

The Small Business Administration is at the heart of the financial relief programs Congress has authorized in response to the pandemic. From Economic Injury Disaster Loans to the new Paycheck Protection Program, these SBA-administered programs contain many helpful features that broadcasters should consider as they map their economic path through the pandemic.

This webinar is designed to help broadcasters assess what their options are, the information they need to apply, and how to avoid mistakes that could cause headaches later.

The National Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations invites lawyers from several Pillsbury practices to discuss these stimulus programs, what they mean for broadcasters, and the next steps needed for broadcasters to avail themselves of these critical resources.

Scott R. Flick, Partner, Pillsbury
Aimee P. Ghosh, Counsel, Pillsbury
Alexander B. Ginsberg, Partner, Pillsbury


Pillsbury is closely monitoring developments relating to the coronavirus. For the latest insights, please visit its COVID-19 Resource Center.

From the President/CEO…

Karole L. White

Dear MAB Members,

Like many of you we are working with a very small staff as requested in the Stay at Home/Stay Safe Order by the Governor. There is one, or sometimes two of us, in the office to answer phones and help our members who must stay on the air.

Here is what we are doing for you: We are working with the state to try to determine the best way for all commercial and public stations to receive the Governor’s news conferences live for broadcast.  It has been quite a challenge since we often do not get advance notice as to when the conferences will scheduled. We will be working with the Governor’s staff on this to solve any problems. Jayne Hodak Soboleski and Dan Kelley from the MAB are working on this.

Website: We have created a Michigan Specific COVID-19 webpage on our website for members to help them keep up to date on information pertaining directly to the broadcasting business, news and information, FCC updates, PSAs and more. Dan Kelley is in charge of this. Send us your local coverage.

Legislation: MAB is working with the NAB and recently sent a survey to members concerning the impact of COVID-19 on business. If you have no responded, please do so. This information will help with our lobby efforts to get financial relief for our industry.

MAB Newsletter: We will continue to get our newsletter out to you every week with brief articles and information for your business, plus the news you send to us about your station. Please continue to send your press releases to us.

NCSA: In order for the MAB to continue our services to members we have to have operating revenue just like you.  Please continue to air the NCSA messages that we provide. That revenue is 79% of our income. Send your proof of performance every month. This is vital even with COVID-19 taking up most of the news. MAB has state and federal contracts that must be fulfilled. Thank you for your help in this area.

Finally, talk to us: Call Jayne, Dan or me.  We are here to help you.  We want to hear how you are doing and what you are doing to help your community, employees and your business.  Please let us know what we can do to help you, so we all recover from this ordeal reasonably unscathed.

MAB Free Services to HELP YOU:

  • Third Thursdays with the MAB (Live Webinars): The MAB hosts monthly webinars on a variety of topics, including FCC and legal issues, promotions, sales, news and more. All webinars are recorded and archived for later access.
  • MAB News Briefs:  A weekly electronic publication for Michigan broadcasters, including industry news, FCC and legislative alerts and more.
  • MAB Job Bank: Post your station job postings and look at resumes from potential employees.
  • Local Broadcast Sales:  Sales training and coaching to drive revenue for your station.
  • Washington Legal Hotline: David Oxenford of Wilkinson Barker & Knauer, LLP is a free resource for MAB members when they need quick FCC advice.
  • Michigan FOIA/Legal Hotline:  Have questions about Michigan law and how that impacts your company?  John J. Ronayne III, Bernardi Ronayne & Glusac is another free service.
  • EEO Compliance:  Broadcast Compliance Service provides you with access to thousands of contacts nationwide to assist your in your EEO efforts and reporting.
  • Energy Audits: If you have not had a FREE MAB Energy Audit by EnStar, you may have left money on the table.

MAB Launches Michigan COVID-19 Webpage

By:  Karole L. White
MAB President/CEO

Karole White

The MAB has launched a resource page on its website for stations and their reporters on COVID-19 the Coronavirus. This web page gives broadcasters up to the minute information coming out of the State Emergency Communications Center and articles about reporting on pandemics and health emergencies from some of the national leading authorities from the Poynter Institute.  It also includes best practices for reporters. It is our role as broadcasters to provide this important information to our audience. We want to do it in a factual way but also put the report in perspective so as not to frighten the public and cause greater interruption to their daily lives and the economy at large.

It is times like these that the public can better understand the importance of local radio and television. The audience believes their local anchor, their local radio personality wakes them up every day of course these trusted individuals will give you the real truth. Local audiences trust us and we will not let the public down. The audience needs clear information. We all need to impart common sense and simple caution to our audience.

According to Captain McGowan, Commander of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, “Governor Gretchen Whitmer Issued a State of Emergency, that however only means a heightened state of awareness.”  Because MAB coordinates the Emergency Communications System for the state, we are involved in the state emergency response plan.

We need to know what plans you have made to keep your stations on the air in the event that an unusual number of key employees were to become ill and not be able to come into work. We would like to create a best practices list of preparedness ideas.

Send your ideas and plans to Dan Kelley, MAB Director of Technology, at [email protected].

We will be updating the page as more resources become available to help you serve your community better.  Visit the page here.

The NAB has also launched an effort to help broadcasters and a link to the free NAB Coronavirus Toolkit and PSA’s for Broadcasters is on the MAB page. 

MAB Says Goodbye to Jacquelen Timm

Jacquelen Timm

MAB Executive Director of Programs Jacquelen Timm has accepted a position as the CEO with the Michigan Council of Nurse Practitioners. Her last day with the MAB will be January 10.

“Jackie has accomplished many things at the MAB and we are a better organization for her hard work,” MAB President/CEO Karole L. White said.  “The MAB Board of Directors and I are actively seeking to fill Jackie’s position.”

In the meantime, contact Marketing & Communications Manager Matt Treadwell ([email protected]) at or visit for questions regarding ongoing MAB programs.

“It has been a wonderful experience to serve Michigan’s broadcasters,” Jackie said. “I especially am grateful for all of you who have made a lasting impact in my life. Thank you.”

MAB President/CEO Karole White and the terrific MAB staff team will see that all the programs, so beautifully planned by Jackie, her staff and committees will go off as planned.

If you have any general questions you may always call President White at the MAB office or on her cell phone. You may email her at [email protected]. Interviews are on going to fill the vacant position of MAB Director of Programs.”

Reserve Your 2020 ABIP Inspection Now

Scheduling has begun for the 2020 Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP).  The MAB conducts these alternative inspections regionally from April to October.

Every broadcaster wants to be in full compliance with FCC rules, but finding out that you are not in compliance by receiving an FCC fine, can be a costly learning experience. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters’ Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is a unique partnership between the MAB and FCC under which stations that pass their inspection will receive a three-year exemption from routine FCC inspections.

SAVE Money!
Stations that have successfully completed the program are exempt from routine FCC inspections and possible fines for a three-year period.

SAVE Staff Time
Now that the public inspection file is online, it is easier than ever for the FCC to inspect it without prior notice. It is not uncommon for the FCC to spend a day or more at a station. That would involve significant time from several key staff members. MAB’s inspections are set ahead of time and by appointment. They are learning experiences, without the risk of a fine.

SAVE Worry
A station’s successful participation in the ABIP is evidence of the licensee’s positive attitude toward regulatory compliance. The inspector also provides feedback to management that station personnel are performing important duties in an adequate manner.

The inspector uses inspection criteria that have been set by the FCC and are uniformly used in the many ABIP programs administered by State Broadcast Associations throughout the U.S.

If you have questions or would like to schedule your 2020 Alternative Inspection, contact Ann Walters at 517-484-7444 or [email protected].