Category: Legislative Update

MCFN: More Than $100 Million Will Be Spent on Michigan’s Senate Race

The Michigan Campaign Finance Network (MCFN) on Thursday (10/1) projected the total cost of the U.S. Senate race in Michigan will exceed $100 million this election cycle, based on a compilation of Federal Election Commission filings, ad tracking data from Advertising Analytics and Facebook disclosures. That report came after the Senate Leadership Fund super PAC… read more

Noncommercial Broadcasters and the Political File

By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP What are a noncommercial broadcaster’s obligations with respect to the political file and the rest of the FCC’s political broadcasting rules?  That is a question that I have heard asked several times in the last few weeks as we approach this most important, and contentious, election.  In short, I think that… read more

O’Rielly Pushes for More Broadcast Deregulation as He Nears FCC Exit

Outgoing FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly has made a final push for more broadcast deregulation as he prepares to exit the regulatory organization. In a September 25 blog post, O’Rielly, whose re-nomination was recently withdrawn by President Donald Trump after he criticized a social media regulatory effort  backed by the White House. He praised FCC chairman… read more

Federal Judge Orders Census Counting to Continue to October 31

A federal judge in California on Thursday (9/24) ruled that the 2020 Census will not end on September 30 as previously planned, but will and instead be extended to conclude on October 31. The Trump administration filed a notice on Friday (9/25) to appeal that decision, according to a report on NPR. Michigan Census 2020… read more

House Passes Series of COVID-19 Liability Protections

A series of bills shielding employers from what supporters call potentially “frivolous” lawsuits related to the COVID-19 pandemic were passed in the House on Wednesday (9/23), according to a report in Gongwer. Under the bills, employers would not be liable for an employee’s exposure to COVID-19 if the exposure happened during the COVID-19 state of… read more

FCC Proposes $512,228 in Fines to TV Stations for Violating Rules Requiring Good Faith Negotiation of Retransmission Consent Agreements

By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP With the October 1 deadline coming up for retransmission consent/must carry elections, and the likely commencement of many retransmission consent negotiations throughout the country, the FCC last week issued a decision that emphasizes the importance of “good faith” retransmission consent negotiations.  In this action, the full Commission denied an Application for Review that… read more

Media Bureau Regulatory Fee Instructions Issued – No Fees for Translator CPs

By: David Oxenford, Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP The Media Bureau (9/8) issued its Fact Sheet for the Annual Regulatory Fees for 2020 – expanding on the information available in the various public notices released last week, about which we wrote here.  This Fact Sheet sets out the general information as to how much is owed by various classes of… read more

Governor Tells Business Leaders State Of Emergency Could Continue For ‘Months’

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told Michigan business leaders on Thursday (9/17) the state of emergency she enacted in March to respond to the coronavirus pandemic will likely last months longer, according to a report in Gongwer. She outlined a similar timeline in an opinion piece published on Friday (9/18) in The Detroit Free Press. Speaking to… read more