MAB Careers/EEO Resolution

Resolved this 23 day of June, 1998 by the Board of Directors of the Michigan Association of Broadcasters to reaffirm our commitment to assist broadcast stations statewide in their recruitment efforts to actively seek out and hire qualified full and part-time employees.

To seek participation of 100% of the commercial and non commercial radio and television stations in the MAB Careers Program which contains several elements of the NAB/BEDA program and address some of the unique needs of Michigan Broadcasters.

To continue, as stated in the mission of the MAB, to provide guidance which enables members to serve their communities of License in a manner, which meets or exceeds the spirit and in-light of FCC rules through education, representation and advocacy.

To adopt the Goals of the NAB/BEDA Broadcasting Careers Program.

Resolution passed by MAB Board June 23, 1998