Blarney Stone Broadcasting has announced that Sean Finster will be back on the air in Traverse City starting September 3 on WLDR-FM.

“By the grace of God,” said Finster, who has been working construction – building high-end condos at The Village in Traverse City during the year-long non-compete hiatus he has endured since leaving his last radio gig a year ago. “I feel like a fish that’s been flopping out of the water for a year, and now I’m finally about to get my gills wet again.”

His new show, “Finster in the Morning” will feature his erstwhile co-host on yet another local station, Abbey Courtney, founder of the “people helping people” nonprofit, Spark in the Dark.

“Finster is the one who dragged me into radio in the first place,” she said. “I like to think Sean is the spice and I’m the sugar. We have a very natural chemistry. He can be loud and outgoing, voicing his opinion on the spot when he’s got one. And I treat him like my work husband. You’ll hear a lot of friendly bickering.”

Sheryl Coyne, President and General Manager of Blarney Stone Broadcasting, Inc., said she is thrilled to bring these two personalities together again.

“We freed Finster!” she said. “We are all incredibly excited that we can help get Finster back into the studio to entertain on a 100kw signal covering a large geographic region in Northern Michigan and on-line at This reinforces our longstanding commitment to bring the very best talent available to our ever-expanding market. And we share Abbey’s profound commitment to the community.”

Known for the intense preparation he does for every show – he arrives to the studio each morning no later than 3:30 a.m. – Finster insisted on starting his new show at WLDR at 5:25 a.m. – five minutes ahead of most of the other morning shows in the region.

“I am just so very, very excited to be a part of people’s lives again, and to have those people be a part of my life,” Finster said, adding that listeners should expect to have a little fun when they tune into his show. “They can expect to laugh a lot in the morning. I’m there to bring the funny, keep it lighthearted and make your ride to work seem a little quicker.”

So excited are the folks at Blarney Stone that they’re throwing Finster a “welcome home” party – and everyone is invited. 101.9 WLDR is inviting the public to stop by the studio located on the West Bay for their opening show, Tuesday, Sept. 3, from 5:25 a.m. to 10 a.m., to meet Finster and Abbey. And the first 100 people who arrive will receive a limited edition “Finster in the Morning” T-shirt, $10 of free play and free pastries from Chef Michael from Odawa Casino, along with a free cup of coffee from Kiss Me Coffee.

Coyne was also pleased to confirm that Lorri Schreiber, co-host of the previous morning-drive show on WLDR, will continue to bring “Toast the Coast,” her wildly popular wine segment, every Thursday morning – along with other special on-air projects.

Finster, 50, a native of Connecticut, said, “I’ve never stopped that countdown. I knew I was going to keep that start date. I just knew it in my bones. I’m just so grateful. I’ve become a part of Northern Michigan, and Northern Michigan has become a part of me. I feel like a piece of my heart had broken away. I’m looking forward to being whole again.”