Author: John Lund

Stand Out From The Crowd

By: John C. Lund The Lund Consultants, Inc. Many companies make cell phones and computers, but Apple managed to cut a unique path that led to sales numbers all other companies covet. In the process, the Apple name gained strength as the “i” moniker became a marker for innovation. Apple has mastered standing out in… read more

A Facebook Lesson in Audience Retention

By: John C. Lund The Lund Consultants, Inc. The most recent quarterly conference for Facebook revealed their version of Radio’s time spent listening: 50 minutes a day, up from 40 minutes in 2014. That’s still less than Radio’s 13+ hours a week (2015) or TV’s 36 hours a week. TV’s numbers are up a bit,… read more

The Perfect Break

By: John C. Lund The Lund Consultants, Inc. Programmers and talents often discuss what makes a perfect break. We think it’s the proper mix of branding, engagement, and commitment – measured on the audience’s terms. Branding is essential to get ratings credit, even with PPM. Learn from the masters like Coke and Starbucks, where being… read more

Ready for the Big One?

By: John C. Lund The Lund Consultants, Inc. Spring has arrived (in some places with a last cold blast), and that means spring storms are not far away. This is the season for tornadoes, flooding, and (well, maybe not in Michigan), preparation for hurricane season. Natural disasters and major storms are a platform for all… read more

Improve Station Awareness

By: John Lund, Lund Management There’s a factor in all ratings, even PPM metered markets, which goes beyond actual listening. The stations that are better branded and own a market image produce better ratings. The truth is that brand awareness brings about business. It’s true for Nike and Starbucks, two of the best brands around…. read more