It’s tax season. Have you taken advantage of all your available sales tax refunds?  You can go back seven years for a refund if you have paid too much in sales tax.  MAB Tax Consultants maybe able to help you get a sales tax refund and save money going forward.

Any equipment that is used in the origination and integration of the broadcast signal does not require that you pay sales tax.  This includes studio lighting, studio equipment, production equipment including certain computers, electric energy, some phone lines.  The Energy Audit cost you nothing to find out if you qualify.  MAB Consultant Don Johns from EnStar only get paid out of your refund.  You get money back now and a savings going forward on certain reoccurring equipment bills.

Broadcasters qualify for the “Manufacturing Tax Exemption” and you have this in Michigan.  Call the MAB at 1-800-YOUR-MAB for a free review to see if your station’s qualifies.

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