In a post on his Broadcast Law Blog, MAB Washington attorney David Oxenford reminds Michigan broadcasters that are part of an Employment Unit with 5 or more full-time employees should be preparing to add to their online public inspection file their Annual EEO Public File Report – due to be added to their files by June 1.

A complete list of additional dates in May broadcasters may want to take note of, including commenting on rulemaking regarding all-digital AM broadcasting, updating C-band satellite  information with the Commission as well as other proceedings can be found in Oxenford’s blog post here.

Have you checked your online public inspection file?  The MAB would like to remind broadcasters the importance of keeping their online public inspection file current, especially those quarterly issues and programs list are required to be placed in the public file on 10th day of April, July, October and January for the preceding three months.

You can check your public file here by entering your call letters in the search box.

David Oxenford has reminded broadcasters that the FCC, or interested public-interest groups, will be able to raise questions about a station’s compliance with the rules from afar – just by looking at the online public file.  The FCC has been fining stations with incomplete public files and this could also affect a station’s license at renewal time.  Read more here.

Remember that an MAB ABIP inspection includes a confidential review and report of a station’s public file.  More information on the MAB ABIP program is available here.


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