Attribution and analytics provider AnalyticOwl has opened up its database of 4 billion responses to advertising to media sellers, ad agencies and advertisers, according to a report in InsideRadio.

The free self-serve platform offers industry-specific attribution data and insights to show how radio drives response and predicts return on investment from ad spend

“We’re ultimately unleashing our entire attribution dataset for radio and making the first insights always free, so every radio seller in every market can use AnalyticOwl for free,” said AnalyticOwl Founder David Ballinger. “We’re hoping to help radio, not just specific stations.”

The Bernardsville, NJ-based company is used to show clients the direct line between radio ads and ringing cash registers. The enterprise level service aggregates a large set of data from before and after the ad campaign runs to track what impact the commercials have on such things as internet searches and foot traffic in stores.

AnalyticOwl also partners with the MAB to offer discounted services (learn more).

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