New company to develop “skills” for emerging Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices

Two of radio’s leading visionaries, Steve Goldstein and Fred Jacobs, and their companies, Amplifi Media and jācapps, have teamed together to form SonicAi, a joint venture dedicated to strategizing and creating voice command solutions for the radio and podcasting industries. Initial development will focus on the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices.

Joining the partnership, as co-founder, is industry executive Lee Davis. Goldstein’s Amplifi Media and Davis will focus on sales, marketing and “skills” architecture. The jācapps team will handle product development and customer service. Together, based on their decades of combined research, programming and marketing experience, they have created the smartest solution for content creators to expand in-home listening with creative strategies.

The introduction of these devices into homes creates a significant opportunity for the radio industry and podcasters. Research has shown that in-home radio listening has been declining, but now with the ability to access a radio station’s stream or programming (such as podcasts), using voice commands, these devices are a breakthrough for audio content creators.

According to Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey13 (to be released in May), 11% of homes already have one of these devices, with brisk sales underscoring the opportunity for the audio industry.

“This partnership is designed to maximize the in-home opportunity for radio stations and podcasters. We think this is a seismic change that needs to be seized upon and mastered,” says Steve Goldstein. “That’s why we have developed solutions to make it easy for consumers to find and access a brand’s audio content. We also think audio content creators will be more successful with enhanced choices beyond basic streams. We call these ‘smart skills,’ and we plan to have a full suite of offerings.”

“Teaming up with Steve and Lee, while turning the jācapps team loose, is where SAi is headed,” says Fred Jacobs. “We’ve been ahead of the curve with jācapps, radio’s leading developer of mobile solutions since our launch in 2008. Our team specializes in great customer service and outstanding development and we’ll work with stations and audio content creators to unleash the potential of these devices as they are rapidly showing up in kitchens, dens and on nightstands. They are the new radios for the home.”

For more information, contact Lee Davis at 888-776-6422.

Visit to learn more and to see a video of how it works.

About jācapps – jācapps is the leading developer of mobile applications for the radio industry. With over 1,000 apps developed, jācapps focuses on creating strategic mobile solutions. The product from SonicAi fits into the company’s App Everywhere™ strategy, providing mobile connectivity on smartphones, in cars via Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Ford’s Smart Device Link, and now, in the home.

About Amplifi Media – Amplifi Media works with companies and podcasters in the strategy and development of innovative content, marketing, branding and monetization for the fast-growing on-demand audio/podcast sector.

About Lee Davis – Davis is a media executive who has held senior leadership positions with some of the top media companies in the United States, including CBS and Univision. During his career, Davis has run some of radio’s top brands including sports powerhouse WFAN, news leader 1010 WINS and Spanish Language giant, Univision Radio.