What is MABPAC?

Today, with term limits in effect, it is becoming more difficult to forge long-term relationships with Michigan’s elected officials. A strong political action committee remains one of the most important tools in creating stable and dependable relationships with lawmakers. MAB must continue to build and maintain working relationships with top policy makeers in the state or we will be left out, putting us always on the defense. The Michigan Association of Broadcasters Political Action Committee (MABPAC) is a Michigan-only PAC. There are two types: federal, like NAB’s NABPAC; and state/local. Since our organization’s first concern is statewide issues, we created a Michigan-only PAC.

The MABPAC is a way for broadcasters and associates to help elect like-minded candidates who identify with our issues. MABPAC is a non- partisan political action committee with a mission of helping to elect lawmakers and governors who understand and are sympathetic to our issues.

How will MABPAC make a difference?

MABPAC contributes to outstanding legislative leaders and candidates that support the interests of Michigan broadcasters or are on committees of importance to our industry. A Board of Trustees has been made up of local industry leaders who oversee its success.

MABPAC Officers

Scott Shigley, Chair
General Manager, Liggett Communications (Port Huron)

Rob David, Vice Chair
President/General Manager, Handyman Productions (Novi)

Sam Klemet, Administrator
Preident/CEO, MAB (Lansing)

MABPAC Trustees

Gary Reid
Director Emeritus, WKAR Public Broadcasting (East Lansing)

Fred Corbus
Vice President/General Manager, WWMT-TV, Sinclar Broadcasting Group (Kalamazoo)

Shannone Dunlap
Director of Business Development, Black Diamond Broadcasting (Traverse City)

Chris Warren
General Manager, Midwestern Broadcasting Company (Traverse City)

Julie Brinks
General Manager, WOOD-TV, Nexstar Broadcasting (Grand Rapids)

Rob Elhenicky (ex-officio)
Partner, Kelley-Cawthorne (Lansing)


Thank You MABPAC Donors!

2018: Ross & Brenda Biederman, Julie & Thomas Brinks, Marla Drutz, Kevin Dunaway, Shannone Dunlap, Rebecca Falk, Bruce & Sue Goldsen, Pete Iacobelli, Mario Iacobelli, Julie Koehn, Patricia Madden, Stephen Marks, Gary Reid, Tom Szczepanski, Peter Tanz, Stephen & Irene Trivers, Tom Valentine, Chris & Juile Warren, Karole White

2017: Ross & Brenda Biederman, Zoe Burdine-Fly, Fred Corbus, Kevin Dunaway, Rob Elhenicky, Mario Iacobelli, Paul Jacobs, Debbie Kenyon, Julie Koehn, Jim Lutton, Stephen Marks, Gary Reid, Peter Tanz, Stephen Trivers, Chris & Julie Warren, Karole White

2016: Ross Biederman, Kevin Dunaway, Rob Elehnicky, Bruce & Sue Goldsen, Mike Klein, Julie Koehn, Peter Tanz, Chris Warren, Karole White

2015: Bruce & Sue Goldsen, Chris Warren, Julie Koehn, Mark Libke, Diane Kniowski, Eva Aguirre-Cooper, Stephen Marks, Jim Lutton, Gary Reid, Patty Kolb, Duane Alverson, Bill Kring, Peter Tanz, Patricia Madden, Wendy Hart, Will Tieman, Susi Elkins, Patty Kolb, Rob Elhenicky, Jill Saarela, Karole White