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Are You Ready? EAS National Test September 28

The next national test of the Emergency Alert System is  scheduled for 2:20 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on September 28, 2016.  (A secondary test date is October 5, 2016, “if necessary”). EAS participants must be prepared to take part in a test on both the primary and alternate test dates. All EAS participants are required… read more

Uncover Your Customer’s Needs

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy. By:  Brian Marriott, P1 Learning Sales opportunities don’t just spring up out of thin air. You have to uncover them. If you aren’t prepared to ask the… read more

WWTV/WWUP-TV Receive Drone Certification

Heritage Broadcasting’s WWTV-WWUP-TV (Cadillac) is soaring to new heights and taking the viewers along. Northern Michigan’s News Leader just announced the successful completion of the drone certification program through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This drone authorization will bring previously unattainable sights to viewers across Northern Michigan. The use of a drone in news coverage… read more


NAB to Focus on the Opioid Epidemic

Broadcasters: Making a Difference in the Opioid Epidemic Nearly 78 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. That staggering statistic is but one reason key members of Congress reached out to NAB and asked for broadcasters’ help to stem the epidemic of prescription drug and heroin addiction that is ravaging our communities. Congress recognizes… read more

What is MAB Worth to You?

By:  Karole L. White, MAB President/CEO One call to our free Legal Helpline could pay your dues! That’s right: FREE.  We have one of the best Washington attorneys, David Oxenford, of Wilkinson, Barker and Knauer, to answer your questions on the FREE Legal Helpline. The bonus:  David speaks fluent common English, not just legal speak…. read more

Traffic Director Spotlight: Jolie Wavrunek

Nominate a Traffic Director you know!  Email Jamie White at [email protected] Jolie Wavrunek is Traffic Director for both WFRV-TV (Green Bay, WI) and WJMN-TV (Marquette, MI). Jolie has been in traffic for 3-1/2 years. Q1: What is your favorite comfort food? Jolie: Cookie Dough Ice Cream. Q2: Which Superhero would you be, and why? Jolie:  Superman – traveling to… read more

Jim Mathis

Avoiding Disaster During Change

Editor’s Note: The views and opinions of this article do not necessarily reflect those of the MAB. Contact the MAB for information on the MAB’s official editorial policy. By: Jim Mathis, IPCS, CSP, MDiv J&L Mathis Group, Inc. More Success with Less Stress “Any change, even for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and… read more

Appeals Court: MCCA Not Subject To FOIA

A divided opinion of the Court of Appeals has held the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA) is a public body but, it is not subject to the state’s Freedom of Information Act because of a legislative amendment in the Insurance Code. That amendment, the court said, “did not alter, amend, change or dispense with any… read more

Reminder: Effective Date for Increased FCC Application Fees

According to the Broadcast Law Blog, August 30 was the new effective date for the FCC application fee increases. These application fees are paid with most FCC applications – including applications for the purchase and sale of broadcast stations, applications for new and modified station technical facilities, for special temporary authority with license renewal applications and even… read more