The Michigan Association of Broadcasters is hosting Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) inspections the week of April 25.

In collaboration with the FCC, the ABIP ensures compliance with federal regulations and to avoid surprise inspections. ABIP certifications are conducted by knowledgeable experts who review technical and regulatory requirements.

During the inspection, the MAB inspector reviews technical compliance with basic FCC technical operating regulations as well as the public file.  The most current FCC Self-Inspection checklist for AM, FM or TV stations is used for the inspection.

Stations that pass the inspection receive a three-year Certification of Compliance.

Contact MAB Office Manager Ann Walters TODAY at 800-YOUR-MAB or e-mail at [email protected] NOW to get on the schedule during the April inspection window.

Inspection rates vary, depending on the type of station. Participating stations are also responsible for the inspector’s travel costs and to provide transportation for the inspector to each transmitter site. Directional AM stations are also responsible for providing transportation for the inspector to each of the station’s monitor points accompanied by the station’s Chief Operator.

When you send your request for an inspection, you will receive a contract which will include all travel related costs as well as the actual inspection fees. Inspection fees as well as all travel and overnights are billed and paid in advance. Certificates will not be issued for any outstanding fees. 

Once a station is registered and the full fee is paid, a letter of “Intent to Inspect” is sent to the station and a 150-day grace period begins. The station is exempt from a routine FCC inspection during this time; however, the actual inspection and any corrective actions necessary must be completed within the 150-day period.