5 Browser Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

Seth Resler

By: Seth Resler
Jacobs Media Strategies

I spend hours on my web browser each day. In fact, without a browser, I would be unable to do my job. Over the years, I’ve incorporated a number of browser extensions (Mozilla calls them “Add-Ons”) into my daily routine. Extensions are third party plugins that add extra functionality to a web browser. When you install a browser extension, they usually add an extra button to the toolbar.

Here are some of my favorites that you may want to use:

1. Hootsuite’s Hootlet
I work with a ton of social media accounts. In addition to running my personal Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts, I handle accounts for Jacobs Media, my podcast The D Brief, and various other side projects. I find that the easiest way to manage all of these accounts is to use a social media management tool. While I know a lot of people who are fans of TweetDeck, I have always been partial to Hootsuite. Hootsuite allows you to manage all of your social media accounts from a single place.

One of my favorite features of Hootsuite is a browser extension called the Hootlet. The Hootlet allows you to quickly and easily share the webpage you are on to your social media accounts. Whenever I come across an article that I think will interest Jacobs Media followers, I press the Hootlet button and a pop-up window appears. I write a quick post and share the webpage on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in one fell swoop.

Get the Hootsuite Hootlet for Chrome or Firefox. TweetDeck has a similar browser extension called Tweetdeck Launcher for Chrome.

2. Pushbullet
I use many different devices, and they don’t always use the same operating system. For example, I have an Android phone, but an iPad and an iMac. Sometimes I want to share something between these different devices. For example, I often begin writing my blogposts in an app called Drafts on my iPad before moving it to my desktop so I can import the text into WordPress and format it. Other times, I’ll take photos on my phone at an event like CES and then want to share them with my iMac to use them in a blogpost.

I have found the Pushbullet app to be incredibly useful for pushing content from one device to another. It’s often faster and easier than using a thumb drive or even a filesharing service like Dropbox. And, of course, Pushbullet offers a browser extension. This allows me to push content to or from a browser to one of my other devices. You can get it for Chrome or Firefox.

3. Priceblink
Priceblink is one of several browser extensions that comes in handy when looking to buy something online. When you go to a product page on a website like Amazon, Priceblink will check other sites to see if any of them are selling the same product for less. It will also let you know if there are any coupon codes for that product floating around the web. I frequently find myself saving money with the Proceblink extension, which you can get for Chrome or Firefox.

4. Bulk URL Opener
I am known for having an absurd number of browser tabs open at all times. For example, I will open dozens of URLs at once when doing show prep for my weekly podcast, The D Brief. To do this, I use an extension called the Bulk URL Opener. It allows me to paste a list of URLs into a pop-up window and open them all at once. If you have a list of websites that you want to check quickly, such as a list of concert venues in your market, this extension comes in quite handy. You can get it for Chrome, or a similar extension for Firefox.

5. MightyText
Like many people, I find text messaging to be an incredibly convenient form of communication. But when I’m working on the computer, I find it annoying to constantly have to pick up my phone to respond to people. That’s why I use MightyText, an app that allows me to send and receive text messages on my computer. Like these other apps, MightyText has a browser extension that allows you to easily correspond with people from within Chrome.

Do you have a web browser extension that you recommend? Tell us about it in the comments.

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