As solid-state FM transmitter technology has developed and improved over the past decade, it’s become possible for some companies to build incredibly small devices that are also incredibly difficult to service with little, if no, redundancy. With the STX 10, 10kW FM transmitter, Broadcast Electronics (BE) has chosen a different, more intelligent path.

BElectronics_275Believing that reliability and serviceability do not require a huge footprint, the STX 10 is designed and manufactured here in the United States to provide broadcasters a small form factor of 22RU (38.5” high) and a single rack width (19” wide) without compromising on features, reliability, redundancy, audio quality, efficiency or serviceability.

The STX 10 is equipped with four power amplifier modules and seven power supplies – all hot-swappable and hot-pluggable – from the front of the unit, so there’s no need to take the transmitter off the air to install a spare. The STX 10 combiner even auto-adjusts to the power change when a module is added or removed. Plus, the STX 10 includes a redundant cooling system, allowing full power operation even with a fan failure.

The efficiency of the STX 10 is greater than 70% AC to RF, so electrical cost savings are achieved immediately and for years to come, and HD Radio hybrid and HD only operations are also more efficient than ever.

Today’s transmitters are expected to provide some degree of IP connectivity, and the STX 10 is a stellar performer in that area as well. Supporting the access of all important transmitter operations and reporting from a computer, tablet or smartphone, the superior GUI of the STX 10 can truly be accessed from anywhere. For maximum connectivity, the STX 10 interface does not use Flash, so iOS devices work great – and for maximum security, the STX 10 uses SNMP Level 3 as well as multiple levels of user security, making sure that only authorized users are able to gain access to your transmitter system.

The STX 10 is equipped with an STXe 500 exciter, the heir to the decades-long BE mantle of extraordinary exciters. Beginning with the FX-30 and FX-50, BE has provided radio broadcasters with the advantage of a better sounding signal, better than all other transmitters. The STXe 500 has eclipsed even these legendary exciters in audio quality.

The STXe 500 digital exciter also features Baseband 192 audio inputs (along with analog, AES and composite) and can sense silence and automatically fail over from one input to another in case of path failure. Also included as part of the STXe exciter is a built-in RDS generator, able to provide dynamic RDS display to your listeners.

Also an integral part of the STXe 500 exciter is IP connectivity and the superior BE GUI with SNMP Version 3.0.

Or course, the STX 10 and STXe 500 also support HD Radio operations with the addition of BE’s VPe (Vector Power Enhancement), providing elevated HD levels.

The STX 10 was designed intelligently by Broadcast Electronics from the beginning to provide the perfect balance of a small footprint, easy maintenance, high reliability and extraordinary audio quality. No other 10kW FM transmitter can match the design, feature set and BE tradition of delivering the best value to broadcasters – without compromise.

See Broadcast Electronics at GLBC 2017, booth 7.