Latest FCC EEO Audit List Released
via David Oxenford

The FCC today (2/9) released an EEO Audit letter, targeting radio and TV stations in almost every state.  All stations that are listed need to respond to the letter, reporting not only on the employment practices at the named station, but also at every other station in the named station’s employment unit. 

There are both Michigan radio and television stations listed.

For station employment units with fewer than 5 full-time employees (30 hours or more per week), the response is relatively simple – listing the employment positions at the station, how many hours the person that fills that position works, and reporting whether the station has had any EEO complaints filed with the EEOC or state employment commission.
Station employment units with 5 or more full-time employees have much more substantial reporting obligations – filing the last two EEO public file reports with backing documentation to demonstrate that the efforts listed in the public file report were taken, plus information about recruitment sources and other station employment practices. 
Responses to the audit letter are due by March 28. 
The announcement of the audit, and the text of the audit letter are here: : DA-17-141A1.pdf 
The list of radio stations that are being audited is here:  DA-17-141A2.pdf 
The list of audited TV stations is here:  DA-17-141A3.pdf 

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