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On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.,
 Governor Rick Snyder will deliver his annual State of the State address to Michigan citizens.  In response to a survey of our members, the MAB will provide live feeds for both TV and radio stations to use.

TV:  MAB will uplink the State of the State address for commercial television.  The feed will be a clean (unanchored) feed, in HD and closed-captioned.  House TV may be including a signer for the hard of hearing on the video feed.  

Central Michigan University Television (WCMU-TV) will once again uplink the event for MAB with their mobile uplink/production truck.   

TV Satellite Information:  

2017 Michigan State of the State Address
January 17, 2017, Tuesday
All Times Eastern Standard Time:
TEST PERIOD 1400 – 1430  
TEST PERIOD 1830 - 1900
Our plan, as in years past, is to prefeed the Democratic Party response during the test periods, and again exactly 90 seconds following the Governor's address (90 seconds after we fade to black).  
Transponder time is booked until 2030.
Coordinates:   G16/24K 99 degrees
Downlink:       12189.0000 Vertical  

Data rate:  19,392,658
FEC:  3 / 4
Symbol rate:  14,028,731
Modulation:   QPSK
MPEG-2 Profile: 4:2:0
The feed will be closed captioned.
Video is 1080i @ 59.94 Hz field rate. (29.97 Hz frame rate).
Video encoding is CBR 17.5 Mbps MPEG-2, open GOP-12, PID 0x31.
MPEG program number is 3.
Main Program Audio is in 5.1 Dolby Digital (AC3) at 384 Kbps on PID 0x34.
Main Program Audio is in 2.0 Dolby Digital (AC3) at 384bps on PID 0x35.
Main Program Audio is in 2.0 MPEG encoding at 192Kbps on PID 0x36.
5.1 audio is up-converted

Radio:  This year, through the cooperation of Michigan's Public Radio Broadcasters, the MAB is offering Michigan Public Radio Network's (MPRN) State of the State coverage to commercial broadcasters.

The MPRN Capitol Bureau staff, along with reporters from Michigan Public Radio stations will provide a 90-minute hosted broadcast from 7 to 8:30pm.

Commercial stations that wish to use this must air the following announcement before and after the broadcast:  "Broadcast of the Governor's State of State address is ​provided by​ Michigan Public Radio Network.​ and this station."

Commercial stations may pick up the feed off-air from their area FM public radio station for rebroadcast.  A complete list of public radio stations airing the MPRN State of the State Broadcast is listed below.

The feed (via WKAR-FM/East Lansing) will also be available via Internet here on the MAB website. 

Public Radio Stations Airing MPRN Feed

Alpena - WCML-FM 91.7
Ann Arbor - WUOM-FM 91.7
Detroit - WDET-FM 101.9
East Lansing - WKAR-FM 90.5
Flint - WFUM-FM 91.1
Grand Rapids - WGVU-FM 88.5
Grand Rapids - WVGR-FM 104.1
Harbor Springs WCMW-FM 96.9
Harbor Springs WHBP-FM 90.1 
Kalamazoo WMUK-FM 102.1
Manistee WLMN-FM 89.7
Marquette WNMU-FM 90.1
Mt. Pleasant WCMU-FM 89.5
Muskegon WGVS-FM 95.3
Oscoda WCMB-FM 95.7
Sault Ste. Marie WCMZ-FM 98.3
Standish WWCM-FM 96.9
Traverse City WICA-FM 91.5

We encourage you to carry this program live on as many of your stations as possible, to stream it on your website and to promote to your audience that you will make both it and the Democratic response available.

ON-SITE INFORMATION:  For those stations sending trucks and/or reporters, be aware the Capitol Building will have increased security.  Anyone entering the Capitol will be required to have special credentials, including news media.  You may request credentials by contacting John Whetstone at (517) 373-5059 or cell: (517) 899-9671.  Email: . THIS MUST BE DONE IN ADVANCE - DEADLINE IS JANUARY 13, 2017. You will need a photo ID to pick up credentials; a press pass will not do.

TRUCK PARKING:  If you will be bringing your own truck/van, you will need to arrange on-street parking adjacent to the Capitol through City of Lansing Parking Services: (517) 483-4240 or .

No cameras will be allowed in the House Chambers.  The video feed will be provided by House TV.  A video feed connection is available on-site for those stations who might be sending their own truck.  For more information on the video (or audio) feed, contact Dave Smith, Media Operations Manager at (517) 373-7438.

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