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10/13 DASH UPDATE from Paul Jacobs:

1. The agenda is complete and you can see it on the website –

2. The registration fee is scheduled to increase on Thursday, so please alert your members so they can handle this and save some money. Remember MAB Members can save $100 on registration. Details below.

3. Wednesday 10/14: Preview DASH with a webinar at 1pm. You can register at

DASH 3.0 is a Can't Miss Event
Wednesday, November 4 - Thursday, November 5
Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport

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When was the last time you had an opportunity to sit down with broadcasters, car companies, automotive suppliers, streaming radio providers, advertising agencies, record labels, aftermarket suppliers, and car dealers to think about how today’s rapidly evolving automotive platforms impact your business?

DASH is a can’t-miss opportunity to get informed and brainstorm with a diverse group of colleagues about the issues that matter: what are consumers actually doing with these new systems? What’s coming next? How do our business models need to change?

On the Agenda:
  • Direct-to-Dashboard Commerce. Now that we’ve got a connected computer on board, the car is a mobile commerce platform. How will this work? What are the opportunities? How can radio engage?
  • Data Into Dollars. We’ve got access to vehicle data, driving data, listener data, and traveler data. How do we make it actionable? What are the issues and limitations? What’s now possible with location-based cross-platform consumer interactions?
  • Business Model Review. What if all car sales were direct-to-consumer? What if direct-to-consumer data became the advertising currency of choice instead of reach and ratings? We’ll take a look at some basic assumptions that are in the crosshairs today.
  • Communicating with Consumers. The car is rapidly adding communications channels (FM radio, satellite, HD Radio, cellular, 4G, WiFi, etc.). Consumers also navigate a range of connectivity options outside the car. What are the implications for car companies and radio stations? How do we think across channels to build the best solutions? What’s coming next?
  • Future Transportation. The way we get around today may be very different tomorrow, especially in dense urban areas. Connected and automated vehicles, vehicle sharing, alternative transit, and more are all growing in popularity in the major metropolitan areas. How will this impact the way we interact with consumers and how they access audio content?
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