The MAB Joins "Michigan Says Thanks to Vietnam Vets"
The Michigan Association of Broadcasters joins with Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency and Senate Majority Floor Leader Mike Kowall (R-15)in thanking and honoring Michigan Vietnam Era Veterans Thursday, October 8th, 2015 12:00 p.m. on the lawn of the State Capitol in Lansing. PSA's have been rolled into the NCSA Program since September 18th. 

We invite all Michigan Broadcasters to join us; please send a reporter to cover the event on October 8 as thousands are expected.  MAB members are encouraged to promote the event prior to October 8 through produced on-air PSAs (see below), website and social media posts as well as on-air mentions by station personalities.  A press release is available below.  "I'm certain that many of our MAB members served in Vietnam," said MAB President Karole White.  "It was a very tender time for all those of the era and the memories will never be forgotten.  Lets all join in thanking them properly for their service."

"Whether drafted or enlisted Michigan Vietnam Veterans served our country with honor.  Tragically too many returned home with little thanks for their service  and not much in the way of help in transitioning back into civilian life.  The event focuses on the more than  237,000 Vietnam era Michiganders who reside here today," said Senator Mike Kowall (R-15).

Download this press release here.  Download a :60 radio PSA here.  Download a :60 TV PSA here.

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