2016 Public Media Impact Award Donor Recipient:

Bucky Love

WGVU Public Media, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids.

Ms. Bucky Love. Bucky Love has a heart for, and has given from the heart, to WGVU Public Media for over 30 years - her nonprofit of choice when it comes to a champion for the arts and music. Her passion for WGVU extends first and foremost to the music the station is synonymous with, and which she helps to nourish with the Bucky M Love WGVU Music Endowment Fund. In addition, Bucky gives generously to WGVU on a heartfelt basis to help fund a variety of educational initiatives and has provided more than one lead gift to WGVU to acquire much needed production equipment.

Bucky's love of music and sense of responsibility to give back to the community both started at a very early age influenced by her father Michael, who enjoyed singing in his native Slovenian language.

Bucky’s deep commitment and varied contributions to WGVU Public Media extending back to 1987, have benefitted multiple areas, including arts, education and technology-all greatly enhancing the stations on-air and community engagement efforts serving 2.5 million citizens.

Bucky, a former kindergarten teacher continues to be a vibrant ambassador of WGVU, who loves nothing more than to hop in her little yellow sports car and drive to station activities. What makes Bucky worthy of this award is her steadfast eagerness to support all that Public Media stands for and to make sure that others follow in her footsteps. She has been a pioneer for WGVU in the truest sense of the word. Ten years ago she was one of the first individuals to provide a foundation match for an early childhood reading program benefiting at risk children. Her innovative outlook on life convinced her to support an area previously foreign to her- the technological that makes WGVU tick. She stepped forward with a lead gift helping WGVU secure digital production equipment.

Bucky Love has been a significant part of the WGVU success story helping to provide for all programming and community events that educate, inspire and entertain, just as Bucky does in her day-to-day life. Anyone who has had the pleasure of spending time with Bucky appreciates the enjoyable way she weaves together the lessons she learned in the past with her current love of music and her strong sense of philanthropic responsibility. 

2015 MAPB Public Media Impact Award For Professionals:

Barry Baker

Former General Manager, Delta College Quality Public Broadcasting (University Center)

Barry Baker has known that he wanted to be in broadcasting since he was in 10th grade and has never looked back. 

“If I do it, I’m going to be serious about it,” is what he says his younger self thought. So the young Baker enrolled in the Summer Communication Arts Institute of Michigan State University for two summers - between his sophomore and junior years of high school and between his junior and senior years.

After graduating from high school, Baker did not return to MSU but instead went right to work. At the time, he says, Detroit Public Television was owned by Wayne State University so he was able to work for them and also for WXYZ ABC. Between working both jobs, Baker was able to finish school, graduating from Wayne State University in 1969.

Upon graduation, he went to work for the Canadian Broadcasting Company for a year and then received an unexpected call from a former professor who wanted Baker to go work at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois to both produce programs and teach.

After working in Illinois for four and a half years, Baker moved to New Hampshire to work for New Hampshire Public Television Network as the Director of Production and Operations for the state network. 
During that time, Baker got involved working as a freelancer in the White House helping produce film of the President’s speeches that would then be distributed to regional networks.

"That’s a picture of me working with Ford,” Baker says nonchalantly as he points to a photo of himself in the Oval Office with the former President. Baker also worked with Jimmy Carter during his presidency but got out before President Reagan because he was off to work in Minnesota.

“I wanted to build a station,” he says. So after seeing an ad in a broadcasting magazine for a person to go build a station in southern Minnesota, that’s where he went. In his 20 years working there, Baker built not one but two stations.

Still wanting to do more with his career, Baker decided it was time to move on. So in 1997, he came to Bay City to work for Quality Public Broadcasting at Delta College. Baker helped get the station moving towards being able to go completely digital by 2003 as was mandated by the FCC.

“It was some nervous moments,” he says. “But the FCC had a mandate and we made it.” While the station may have made it, the rest of the country wasn’t quite ready yet so the station had to broadcast in both digital and analog until 2009 when everything finally went completely digital.

“Now 49 years later from the time that I started working full-time for ABC, I’ve basically said ‘enough,’” says Baker.

Baker says he has a certain passion for theater. He’s even been involved in productions with the Bay City Players and Midland Center for the Arts. In 2013, he was the priest in the Bay City Player’s production of Les Miserables. So with his free time, Baker says he will try to stay involved in his community and possible take up some freelance work. 

“I’m not done. You’re not done until you’re dead. I will never be DONE done,” he says.  

2015 MAPB Public Media Impact Award For Volunteers:

Robert Barclay

Volunteer, CMU Public Broadcasting Network (Mt Pleasant)

Barclay first became involved with CMU Public Radio as a volunteer co-host of “Homespun,” a 3-hour folk music program on Saturday evenings in 1981. 

In April 1985, he became the volunteer producer and host of “The Juke Joint,” spinning blues and soul music for three hours on Sunday evenings. The 30th anniversary of “The Juke Joint” was celebrated last April. Barclay is thankful it has been a popular program with generous listeners when it comes to fundraising. 

The Blues Foundation in Memphis, Tennessee, an international blues organization that provides promotional and educational support of blues music and its history, presents the “Keeping the Blues Alive Awards” to individuals that have made significant contributions to the blues world. In the radio category each year, one award is presented to a commercial radio host and one award is presented to a non-commercial radio host. Barclay received the 2004 “Keeping the Blues Alive Award” for “The Juke Joint” broadcast at CMU Public Radio.

Professionally, Barclay was the Director of Photography in the University Communications office at Central Michigan University from 1980 until he retired in July 2013. CMU President George E. Ross and the CMU Board of Trustees granted Barclay emeritus status in December 2013.

Prior to his years at CMU, Barclay worked as the staff photographer for the University of Southern California in Los Angeles (1976-77) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC (1977-79).

Barclay graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California with a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography.

He has been married to Peggy Brisbane for 39 years and she is a retired professional photographer for Central Michigan University. They have a son and two grandchildren.

2014 Special Honoree for Service:

Congressman John D. Dingell (D-12)

John Dingell has spent his career standing up for the working families of America, and is currently serving his 29th full term in the U.S. House of Representatives representing the constituents of Southeast Michigan.  Dingell has always fought for American jobs and for balance in protecting America’s economic competitiveness.  He has fought for American education, manufacturing, innovation, technology and the American auto industry.  As Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee for 16 years and Ranking Member for 12 years, Dingell earned the name “America’s Watchdog” for his legislative and oversight leadership on a wide range of issues from improving the quality of the blood supply, expanding pharmaceutical safety oversight, improving consumer product safety, streamlining defense procurement, developing pipeline safety and scores of other issues.  

An avid conservationist and outdoorsman, Dingell co-authored the National Environmental Protection Act, Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Clean Water Act, and led the fight for full funding of these statutes to clean up our Nation’s waters, especially the Great Lakes.  He wrote the Water Quality Act, the Endangered Species Act, the 1990 Clean Air Act, Safe Drinking Water Act and authored legislation to build North America’s first international wildlife refuge among many others.  As a pioneer civil rights proponent, his leadership has been progressive: he helped the passage of the 1957, 1964 and 1965 Civil Rights Acts, and he continues today ensuring social justice for those in need.  He is best known for his dedication to healthcare.  Dingell has spent his lifetime as a leading advocate for improving our health care system-- authoring the Patient’s Bill of Rights and the Affordable Care Act, the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act, the Prescription Drug User Fee Act, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Mammography Quality Standards Act among many others.  Dingell’s respect and understanding is deep for Congress as a great institution and the Members who serve in it.   He enjoys hunting, reading and loves listening to classical music.  He has four grown children, several grandchildren, and has been married to Debbie Insley Dingell for over 30 years.

2014 MAPB Professional Pioneer Award Recipient:

Eric Smith

Director of Television and AV Services, WNMU Public Broadcasting

Eric Smith is the Director of Broadcast and AV Services at Northern Michigan University Public Broadcasting.  His 39-year career in broadcasting spans a variety of work including television lighting, directing and serving as executive producer of several regional Emmy award-winning documentaries covering Lake Superior shipwrecks, alternative energy production and mining history in the Upper Peninsula.  As General Manager of WNMU-TV/FM, Eric manages NMU’s interactive television system that ties university instruction and faculty to K-12 schools throughout the state.  Most recently, he has coordinated NMU’s conversion to digital broadcasting, worked with university departments in facilitating programs that train multi-media students and assisted the University with its deployment of wireless 4G broadband Internet used to support teaching and learning.

Smith has been an active member of the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasters (MAPB) and as Vice President has played an integral role in focusing the organization on programs that keep public broadcasting relevant now and into the future.

Eric is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University and holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Northern Michigan University.  He and his wife Susan Syria celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary this August and have two children, Jordan and Adam.

2013 MAPB Professional Pioneer Award Recipient:

Edward B. Grant

General Manager, CMU public Broadcasting

Ed Grant is general manager of CMU Public Broadcasting, comprised of five full service public television stations and eight public radio stations.  This network of stations spans from Ann Arbor to Sault Ste. Marie, and from Manistee to Oscoda, serving approximately 6 million Michigan residents.  Ed has been in his current position since 1999, after serving CMU in a number of administrative and faculty roles since 1977, including as a vice president of the university.  

Grant is is the current treasuerer for the Michigan Association of Public Broadcasting.  In addition to his work for the MAPB, Ed also serves as a Director of Firstbank Corporation, currently the seventh largest bank headquartered in Michigan.  He has also been involved for an extended time period in economic development efforts throughout the central Michigan area.

Ed holds bachelor and master degrees from Central Michigan University, a PhD in Business Administration from Michigan State University, and is a CPA.  

2012 MAPB Professional Pioneer Award Recipient:

Rick Schudiske

Assistant General Manager/Director of Television, CMU Public Broadcasting

Rick Schudiske is the Assistant General Manager and Director of Television for Central Michigan University Public Broadcasting.  Rick graduated with an A.A.S. degree in Telecasting from the Milwaukee Area Technical College in 1971.  

He has been involved in many aspects of broadcasting in his over 40 years of experience, working at a number of public broadcasting stations across the country. He began his career as a student working for WMVS-TV (Milwaukee) cleaning and splicing film. Finding his true passion was in television, Rick has worked to educate himself in nearly every aspect of broadcast television.  He has been involved in traffic and continuity, as well as production and direction.

Prior to his work with CMU, Rick has worked at WLUK-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin; WHA-TV in Madison, Wisconsin and the Nebraska ETV Network based in Lincoln, Nebraska. He began working for CMU Public Television in December 1978 as a Producer-Director and in 2005 was named the Assistant General Manager and Director of Television.

CMU Public Broadcasting is the nation’s largest university-owned Public Television Network and Rick has been a key player in helping to build CMU Public Broadcasting into what it is today.