MAPB Public Media Impact Award


The MAPB Public Media Impact Award honors Michigan's public broadcasting pioneers. Up to two broadcasters may be honored —one Professional (radio, television or joint) and one Volunteer - for their contribution to public broadcasting in Michigan.

A volunteer category was added to acknowledge the thousands of people who give of themselves to further public broadcasting's ability to inform and entertain the citizens in Michigan.


  • To recognize outstanding individuals involved in public broadcasting for their innovation and creativity.
  • To inspire others involved in public broadcasting to greater achievement in the field of public radio and television.
  • To foster an exchange of innovative, creative ideas and solutions among public broadcasters.
  • To increase awareness of public broadcasting and the contributions talented individuals make to the industry statewide.


Professionals and/or volunteers that are involved in Michigan public radio or television are eligible for nomination. Nominations can be made by colleagues, supervisors and/or station managers. 

Activities for which the person is nominated may be long-term, to recognize lifetime contributions to public broadcasting, or more recent, to reflect a concentrated period of achievement.

Nomination Process

All nominations must be made electronically at the link below.  Nominations must be received by the April 30. to be considered for the current awards year.

MAPB Public Media Impact Online Nomination Form

Station managers will be notified if one of their staff members or volunteers has been selected to receive an award prior to the next Summer Conference, so that plans can be made for the recipient (s) to attend.


There will be up to two awards given — one Professional (radio, television, or joint) and one Volunteer. The recipient(s) will be selected and recognized at the annual Summer Celebration during the Summer Awards Banquet.


The nominee's will be judged for each category including both television and radio. The MAPB Board of Directors will vote on the people nominated for each awards season.  If a nominee is not selected during the current awards season, their nomination stands for five years.


Judges will evaluate nominees on the basis of:

    • Development of creative solutions to address station problems or concerns.
    • Development of innovative projects or programs designed to meet station challenges.
    • Development of programs, projects or activities which are cost — and/or time — effective.
    • Development of programs, projects or activities which make effective use of staff or volunteer resources.
    • Involvement and service to the community.
    • Involvement and service to public broadcasting.

Supporting Materials

All supporting materials must be submitted at the same time the online nomination form is submitted.  If you have any questions concerning the Public Media Impact Award program please contact Ann Walters via email at  or by phone at the MAB at (517) 484-7444.