Station Sponsored Scholarship Program

2018 Participating Stations/Organizations:

  • Robert Race Broadcasting Scholarship Sponsored by the Stephen A. Marks Foundation and WBKB-TV, WBKP-TV, WBUP-TV, WOLV-FM, WCCY-AM, WHKB-FM, WFER-AM, and WIKB-FM
  • Midwest Communications Southern Michigan Broadcasting Scholarship
  • Scripps Howard Foundation-WXYZ-TV Scholarship


MABF and participating stations offer students attending Michigan based colleges, universities and trade schools and who are going into media based careers, the opportunity to earn a scholarship to help offset their educations costs.

Interested students need to send the following items directly to the MAB Foundation:
    • cover letter
    • resume
    • letters of recommendation
    • 200-300 word essay outlining their career goals
Application Deadline:   Check Back Soon for 2019 Information. 

Students should also specify which scholarship they are interested in applying for.  If applying for more than one of the listed station scholarships, please send a separate cover letter for each scholarship along with the additional copied of each required piece of information for each station scholarship. 

MAB Foundation Station Scholarship Program
819 N. Washington Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906

or you can email your application:


MABF Offers Stations Assistance in Meeting EEO Requirements!

With the growing concern surrounding the FCC's EEO Rules, the MAB Foundation has created a great
opportunity to assist MAB member stations in meeting these requirements. The following is a brief 
description of an exciting new program that will give your station an easy and affordable avenue to 
gain possible option A points and encourage the future of the broadcast work force at the same time.

How the MAB Foundation Station Sponsored Scholarship Program Works

The MAB Foundation Station Sponsored Scholarship Program is designed to allow individual member stations an opportunity to support one qualified college student interested in broadcasting as a career through an educational scholarship. 

The station would choose the scholarship winner among pre-qualified candidates and the station may
also qualify for EEO credit through their participation.  

The cost to participate in this program is $1,250 per student, per year. $1,000 will go to the student 
and $250 will go to the MAB Foundation for administrative charges. Stations may participate in more 
than one scholarship. This scholarship is given once a year.

We hope you will take advantage of this program offered by the MAB Foundation as it is available to 

you to assist your station in the new EEO requirements as well as to help preserve and advance the 
broadcast industry in Michigan. 

Please feel free to contact MAB Foundation at 517.484.7444 with any questions. 

To sign up for this annual program, simply email MABF. 

For more information on the FCC EEO rules and other resources to help your station meet the 
requirements, visit the Member's Only section of the MAB website.