Our Mission

The Foundation will encourage, support and sponsor educational activities that would include, for example, funding scholarships to students attending Michigan colleges, universities and trade schools, and studying a curriculum that is consistent with the intent of fulfilling this mission.  Also the development of programs and presentations designed to encourage the brightest, most creative and energetic students to choose broadcasting as a career.

The Foundation will encourage, support and sponsor activities that will improve the skill level of present broadcast employees in areas such as sales, engineering, programming, news and management, and to promote a better understanding of emerging technologies, their impact and the opportunities and applications they have for the broadcast industry.

The Foundation will encourage, support and sponsor research projects that will help the industry and the public understand the issues that impact free-over-the-air broadcast service.  Among others, this would include activities that help preserve the historical contributions of the broadcast industry in the state of Michigan. 

About Our Foundation: The MAB Foundation is a 501(C)(3) non-profit educational and research-oriented charitable organization under the Internal Revenue Service Code.   It was formed and initially funded by the Michigan Association of Broadcasters. Now, the MAB Foundation looks to donors and fundraisers to help fund our mission.

The Foundation is involved with preservation of the industry through education, research and promoting excellence. A major part of the foundation is to promote the continuation of excellence through a diverse broadcasting work force. This is done by offering scholarships and continuing education opportunities.

Further, the Foundation is dedicated to the preservation of Michigan's rich broadcasting history and what can be learned, based on where we have been.

What Does the MAB Foundation Do?

• Awards scholarships to college and high school students.
• Conducts an annual awards program for high school and college broadcasters.
• Funds research projects.
• Provides educational opportunities and programs for students and professionals.
• Provides regional Career and Networking Fairs throughout the year.
• Funded the development of the statewide Michigan broadcasting history exhibit.
• Established a relief fund for broadcasters injured in the line of duty.
• Funds the James H. and Mary B. Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law at the College of Communication Arts and Sciences at Michigan State University as a Snyder Society donor.

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