Michigan Broadcasting Industry Promotion Campaign Launched
The Michigan Association of Broadcasters (MAB) launched their first Broadcasting Industry Promotion Campaign at the Great Lakes Broadcasting Conference and Expo (GLBC) last week.

Campaign packets have been sent to General Managers and Top Decision makers.

You may download the packet and spots at http://www.capslock.com/MAB/download

Username: mab
Password: reach (case sensitive)

Or you can just go to the MAB website at www.michmab.com and click on the "It's Time" logo at the top of the page. There you will find traffic instructions and promotional ideas along with the spots which we hope to begin airing by March 28, or as soon as you can get them on the air.

The goal of the campaign is to properly position the Michigan broadcasting industry in the minds of current and potential clients, lawmakers, regulators and to some extent, our own employees. We need them to understand the very impressive facts about the vast reach of broadcasting media and how it is still the best advertising choice for a business, no matter the size of the budget.

The MAB Board of Directors chose a joint radio and television message approach as did the Virginia Broadcasters Association. These unified messages will reach businesses with one clear understandable message that radio and television reach more people than all other media combined!

The campaign is not about promoting against anything; it is about setting the record straight.

A six-minute training and sales video is also on the site; one for radio, one for TV and one that combines both. You are free to use any of them in your sales and client meetings.

Radio and television is new. It has evolved and expanded to incorporate Internet, social media, texting, special events and more. Broadcasting should make up the greatest share of any media buy and if a client wants to add Internet, broadcasters have some of the most visited websites around.

Michigan broadcasters: "Reaching More People. Touching More Lives."

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