2015 Inauguration Satellite Information Radio/TV
Technical Specs- Governor’s Inauguration, January 1, 2015

Both radio and television feeds will be up beginning at 12:00:00 exactly and end at 12:56:40 exactly. The television satellite feeds will be up after 11:30:00 for tests. 

In the unlikely event the live event overruns the scheduled end time, we will still end the feed at 12:56:40 and fade to black for approximately 5 seconds to allow stations to exit and then fade back up to continue the feed on the satellite and web stream until the event is over or until conclusion of satellite time at 13:30:00. All feeds will include a time check/clock for your reference. 

Technical Trouble number (before or during broadcast): 517-371-1040

Television -  Satellite Feed Information

EVENT: Michigan Gubernatorial Inauguration 2015
DATE : January 1, 2015
TIME: 12:00:00 -- 12:56:40 ET
SATELLITE TEST 11:30 to 12:00 ET
SATELLITE WINDOW: 11:30 to 13:30 ET
GALAXY 17 Ku, 91 degrees West 
Downlink Frequency: 11951.000 H
Symbol Rate - 13.235
FEC ¾  Modulation: DVB-S, QPSK
Data Rate - 18.295

Program #1
Video Pid – 308 mpeg-2 compression
Audio Pid – 256 mpeg-2 dual channel mono
Audio Pid – 257

This will be closed-captioned.


MAB will offer audio of the Inauguration via satellite through both Michigan Radio Network (Saga/Learfield) and through Michigan News Network (CBS/Townsquare).

The Michigan Radio Network (Saga/Learfield) will be on the Michigan Farm Network channel. 

The Michigan News Network (CBS/Townsquare) will distribute the program on their IP-based distribution system.  

Radio stations without a satellite downlink may receive the broadcast via an Internet feed (128 kbps) on the MAB website:  http://michmab.com/ProgramsEvents/2015InaugurationRadioFeed 

For websites, stations may link to a video webcast of the Inauguration, which will be hosted the MAB website at: http://michmab.com/ProgramsEvents/2015InaugurationWebcast

PLEASE NOTE: There will be street closures around the Capitol on Jan 1st, if you plan to send a crew and need to park near the Capitol on Allegan St. you will need to arrive before 9am. 

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