FCC Releases Incentive Auction Information Package
The Federal Bureau of Communications (FCC) estimates that broadcast stations willing to relinquish spectrum can earn as much as a combined $45B in auction proceeds, including hundreds of millions for a single station in certain large markets. The packet of information going to each station provides the details, right down to the tax implications. Perhaps of the greatest importance are estimates of what a station stands to make on a market-by-market basis. It makes a strong pitch for stations that wish to participate while staying in business to consider channel sharing or moving to the VHF band. And it even includes an IRS contribution to the packet on tax implications.

The estimates were prepared by FCC staff, but the presentation was done by Greenhill & Co. LLC.
The packet and further information are available here.

Posted on Friday, October 10, 2014 (Archive on Sunday, November 30, 2014)
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